Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dreams to Reality

Hi Dear Ones:

I know it has been forever since my last post.  I genuinely miss blogging. Sometimes though I just feel like the words won't come. I guess I know what writers block feels like now. It is frustrating for me but that is not the case today. Today I have so many words rambling through my brain.

For those who don't know we are moving to Charlotte NC in just 13 days. I remember vividly sitting in Elevation Church last August, my birthday weekend, and listening to Pastor Steven preach The Horn, The Sword and The Robe sermon. The room was full but I felt it was all directly spoken to me. It was like God had singled me out. There were areas of my life that had such a death grip on me and I felt the crushing grip lose its strength and I felt free.

We had thought about moving to Charlotte for a couple of years but nothing seemed to line up or work out so we shelved that dream. But I had such a strong sense in my heart that day sitting there and I knew it was all changing after that sermon. I felt God say to me this time next year you will be here. As Eric and I left church, I could not contain my tears or my feelings or my words. They all came spilling out of me. I told Eric what I felt God was saying to me and his eyes widened and he shared that he felt he had heard the same words and time frame as I did.

So we picked our dream back up again and watched as the Lord caused things to fall into place. We tried for years to sell our house and it never did. Soon after picking our dream back up again a awesome family we know is now lease/purchasing our home.

We also were in a predicament since we had fallen on incredibly hard financial times. Almost complete financial ruin. We had filed bankruptcy when we were left with no other options or choice. This meant we could not purchase a home until we had been 4 years out of bankruptcy.
Never the less we kept moving forward and we started looking at homes in Charlotte and just did not even know how things would work. We found a house we completely loved and knew we were paralyzed to do anything about it until our time was up. Months passed and I stalked the house we loved and could not believe that it was not selling. We asked our realtor to ask if the owners would consider a lease purchase with a closing date after we were out of bankruptcy prison. Our realtor was honestly baffled when the owners came back with a yes. She said these things never happen. She said this has to be a God thing. So we signed our own lease purchase agreement and we got our dream house and when I say dream house I kid you not. It was like if I could design a house and then there it was.

Eric and I have been married for 22 almost 23 years now and for most of our married life we have lived paycheck to paycheck and it always seemed we had more month than money or worse as mentioned above. I tell you this because God dropped the surprise of my It Works business in my lap. It enabled us to be able to pay two house payments since December and so much more. We always felt like the charity case. Like when we couldn't even afford school field trips for our kids, much less full tuition. When I say that my business has completely transformed our finances I mean it is a complete 180 from where we were at for so many years. God has used this business to take our dreams from desire to reality. I sit in complete amazement and think from bankruptcy to this, all the time!

God lined up all the details from job, to house, to school for our kids.  It is just 13 days away and I will be spending my next birthday as a NC resident, attending Elevation Church. A true dream to reality, only by His hands,

I am so excited!!!!

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