Monday, March 11, 2013

Interruption or Invitation?

Hi Dear Ones:

I know it has been a while. My It Works! business has really been taking off. Even as I type that I sit and shake my head. Because I had told myself NEVER again would I try a home business. But It Works! is WORKING!!! I am in my third month and have come further along in that short time than I did in more than a years time with anything else. So I just wanted to share how excited I am by what has taken place and I am even more excited about what is to come. Thank you to everyone who has loved me along my "trying" journey. I really love this quote by Thomas Edison, " I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that wont work." All that to say that I am really glad I gave it another shot. I do praise the Lord for bringing this to my path.

Now on to what I really had on my heart tonight. Some areas of my life, like the one mentioned above, I have been completely enamored with. Just so delighted by the experience. Then other things have been quite the contrary. I have even been a little miserable with how some areas have been playing out.

Some areas I have felt like I have kind of lost myself in the shuffle. I will try my best to explain.  I used to be more purposeful. Especially in areas of my family. We used to have regular outing with the kids one on one so they knew their individual importance and didn't get lost in the crowd. We used to have family meetings once a week so we just stayed connected as a family unit. As responsibilities in our family swelled those occasions became less frequent and some months non existent. Things that at one point I considered part of my calling became inconvenient.

We missed church this morning because 2 of our 6 were down with fevers, so we watched Pastor Furtick preach the 4th message of his In.Fin.8 series online so we wouldn't miss it. It was just what I needed, exactly when I needed it. I had been struggling with why couldn't I get back to my default setting. Where had my purposing gone?

Pastor Furtick posed this question:

"Are you consumed with your calling or with your convenience?"

Yep it sorta took my breath away. I think sometimes you can get worn down and you "call things like you see them and not how God see's them." Do I see what God has put before me as an interruption or as an invitation? Do I call what is before me overwhelming, too hard, monotonous, etc. etc. or do I call it how God see's it. An invitation to see his power. An invitation to my calling.

Pastor said something to this effect this morning:

Misery is inevitable anytime convenience is your consumption and God will consume your convenience to get you consumed with his calling.

So there it was. All the areas where misery was creeping in was my own consumption with convenience. My own calling things as I see them.

I am welled up right now as the whole thing settles on my heart. I have been praying over certain areas for quite a while and I have had the wrong perspective the whole time. Father God forgive me.  I have been consumed with my comfort and my convenience. I have felt interrupted and I have missed invitations. Help me where I am weak and show yourself strong. I don't want "todays excuses to become tomorrows regrets, dressed in disguise." "Turn my misery into ministry." Thank you for you faithfulness to redirect. Thank you for your redemption.

You have blessed me! I am calling it like you see it. Consume me with your calling. I don't want to miss the invitation.

photo credit: Debs (ò‿ó)♪ via photopin cc

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