Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Have to Brag and Celebrate

Hi Dear Ones:

As much as I am able to lay myself bare on this blog when I am struggling, I want to the same degree,  rejoice and celebrate God's ever faithful blessings in my life.

So today I want to brag on my son Noah. There are a slew of things that I could brag about him about, but today I am going to share an idea he had that has been a huge help in our large family.

It is about laundry. It is a never ending situation in our family. I have always been able to pretty much stay on top of getting everyones clothes clean, but folding is another story. I would pile each of the many loads weekly until what I named, Mount Laundrymore, developed. Just a huge pile that most of the time was dug through in frustration trying to find whose was whose. Or it required a VERY LONG time to get the chore tackled. Something that we don't have a lot of.

My Noah came up with the idea of each boy having their own exclusive laundry basket and for each boy to be responsible to wash and fold their own laundry. I have to say I doubted the idea at first but it has gone over amazingly well. The Mountain has crumbled and so have frustration levels when it comes time to get dressed.

So join me as I applaud this kid for who he is and for how he is such a blessing to our family. I tell you the young women that get the honor of becoming my boys wives one day...look out... they are good ones!

I also have to praise the Lord and celebrate today because over Christmas break my Jubilee was finally potty trained. I had dug my heels in and we refused her anymore pullups or diapers during the day. She literally begged me to put them on her but we just told her no she was a big girl now and she literally only had one accident during the whole break. I thought since she was finally waking up dry from her naps and even after all night that it was time to go hard core. I was prepared to have a big chore before me as we began but it really could not have gone any better. I sincerely praise the Lord for this because I was fearful she would literally start kindergarten in pullups. And it gives me hope that even though it took her until she was 4.5 that Mercy will get it when she shows me the signs also.

Then finally I have to celebrate My Marley girl today. She really is such a joy to me...most of the time :)
Today is her fourth birthday and we are hopeful she will, as Buster did, enjoy a long life in our family.

Blessings and hugs,

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"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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