Monday, November 12, 2012

Wanting To Shine

Hello Dear Ones:

Have you ever felt like you are past something only for it to resurface unexpectedly? I think I so badly want to be past a wound I have in my heart that I push it down and almost convince myself that it doesn't exist any more. Then something happens to prick that wound and all the pain comes flooding to the surface again.

My heart wound is I want to shine. I so desperately want to be good at something. To feel valuable and significant. That I matter. Something happened today that caused that old wound to fester again.

I suddenly felt small and unimportant. Unaccomplished. Untalented. Inferior.

Memories of many things that I have tried to shine with, came to mind, and all I could see was a flicker at best.

As the tears slipped down my cheeks I felt the Father speak to me. Michelle it's not about a big stage. It doesn't matter if you can sell a product or how many followers and comments you have on your blog or Instagram. You shine brightest when you shine for me. Follow me, listen to and obey what I say. When no one else is looking and when everyone around you is. You matter because you are mine. Stop comparing  your game footage to everyone else's highlight reel. What I have put before you is different to what I have put before others. Live your life. Seeking Me every step of the way... surrender.

When you change your trillionth diaper you shine.
When you say a kind word or speak encouragement you shine.
When you have a thankful heart and remember Me you shine.
When you have a servants heart you shine.
When you praise me you shine.
When you are gentle you shine.
When you forgive you shine.
When you ask forgiveness you shine.
When you do laundry or feed your family you shine.

So I think my wound healed up a little bit today. I think the more I put the truth into practice I'll eventually be able to take the bandage off and be fully healed.

Thank you Father God for loving me just how I am, just where I am at, but faithfully shaping and molding me to be the best ME I can be.

photo credit: Lazurite via photopin cc

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