Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Year Ago Today

Dear Ones:

I am remembering today. A year ago today was a day of much anticipated celebration. Then it had been a little over four years since we had started our adoption journey. It was a roller coaster ride that took me, our family, through many valleys and mountain tops. This day though was a mountain top. We had just returned from one of Elijah's soccer games and I noticed the red blinking light on our voicemail. As I listened to it I froze and began to ball my eyes out. There it was ringing in my ears that Mercy Jewel was finally forever ours. No one could take her away. My dream had finally come true and was secure. The brown baby girl that I had longed for and prayed for and loved was ours. Our daughter. Our precious gift.

As I ran to tell everyone what I had just heard I will never forget how each of us hugged each other in one big family hug and shouted praises and cried tears of relief and joy that this day had finally come. It will always be such a precious memory to all of us.

We are still waiting to get that call and celebrate that delightful news with our sweet Jubilee. And I can't wait to post her pictures and share a special story just about her.

Until then I am going to enjoy the sweet memories that this date holds and look forward to another date very similar and hopefully in the near future.

We adore you Mercy Jewel and our family has grown not only in size but in character and in love because of your precious addition to it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Dear Ones:

I just heard back from my doctor. The cervical results show no malignancy. The tumor in my uterus will be watched and based on symptoms not be removed at this time. The mammogram results showed no malignancy with a caution of very dense breast tissue that can hide malignancy so to stay on top of monthly and annual breast exams and testing. So my family and I are praising Jesus for a good report and we are ever so thankful to everyone known and unknown that covered us in prayer in this situation.

God is good all the time!!!
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