Friday, August 31, 2012


Dear Ones:

Twenty-One years ago today I said "I DO" and thus began an amazing journey of a shared life. There have been many mountain tops and valleys but through each of them I can genuinely say our bond became that much closer.

I am a very blessed woman to be married to a man who seeks my best. Who listens to me express myself through a vast array of emotions. Who joins me in my dreams. Who makes me laugh. Who forgives me and offers me grace. Who changes diapers or cleans the kitchen and helps with laundry. Who loves our children with a servant love. Who works hard to provide for our family. Who sees the good in me, even when I can't, and encourages me, and spurs me on to be the best authentic me I can be.

He is my friend. He is my rock. He is the best!

I love you Eric. Thank you for walking out this life with me. Our hearts truly are knit together and like a cord of three strands with Jesus at the center not quickly broken.

Each year gets sweeter and better!

photo credit: Juan Antonio CapĆ³ via photo pin cc

Monday, August 27, 2012

What Versus Who

Hello again Dear Ones:

Once again there has been a gap in between blog post. I thank you for your grace when I am unable practically or emotionally to bring myself to write. I have to say thank you for those who left lovely comments on my last post or sent e mails. It was such lovely encouragement. 

It took some time but I am seeing more clearly now. God is ever so faithful. Especially when the enemy of our souls is having a field day beating up on you. 

There have been some encouraging things happen since I posted last and boy oh boy did I need it. August was our month of specialist visits. We saw the GI specialist, Endocrinologist, Rehabilitation specialist,  and the Developmental specialist. This alongside our multiple weekly therapy appointments for speech, OT and PT.

Our GI doctor increased the girls appetite medication and changed another medication and I can really tell a difference in their food consumption. This really excites me. Our Developmental specialist gave us a new kind of ADHD medication to try and I was willing to with school starting back up, but I made it clear I was not willing to subject them to adverse side effects. So far I think it is genuinely helping the girls and not changing who they are. I honestly almost gave up hope that we would find something. I look forward to seeing if the teachers also find improvements in their attention and behavior. 

I think the biggest improvement though came from my "heart specialist." I can tell I had people praying for me. Eventually my emotions settled down. Peace came over me and I was ready to roll up my sleeves again and get back to this adventuresome life my God has blessed me with. Back in the battle of what versus Who.

Yes that is what I said... BLESSED. I say this not because it's easy or pain free, those all have to do with the "what" is going on and not the "Who." Life in general is jammed pack full of the what's like tight finances, behavior problems, divorce, unmet expectations, broken dreams, hurt feelings, sickness, and the list is limitless. So in the midst of life's list I need the Who, whose power is also limitless. 

The Who is my faithful provider, my wisdom giver, the healer of my heart, mind and body. My redeemer for every broken and shattered dream. 

When I get inundated with the whats of life it's easy to fall into the trap of the if only this or the if only thats. Like the whats have all the power. The reality is I knowWho has all the power. 

""... I know Jesus, the One in whom I have believed. And I am sure he is able to protect what He has trusted me with until that day." 2 Timothy 1:12b

Jesus has trusted me with a wonderful husband, four amazing sons, two precious daughters, friendships, a home to care for, and yes special needs. All of which bring on a lot of whats. With Him though the what's diminish.

"People who do what is right may have many problems, but the lord will solve them all." Psalm 35:19

This tells me then, that in the battle of what vs Who the Who wins every time. No matter what!!!
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