Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bed Update

Dear Ones:

After I wrote my last post a few hours ago I decided to contact the bed company again to get a status on medicaid approval or not. Well..... Big Sister is approved for her special needs bed!!!!!! I probably freaked the lady at the company out because I just started praising the Lord and thanking her profusely for her help. This is a miracle for our family. We are still waiting on Mercy's approval status. They had different medical and therapist information which the approval is based on, so we will continue to pray that our whole family soon will be sleeping safer and more soundly. PRAISE JESUS!

Genetics and Stuff

Dear Ones:

We had our monthly visit with Big Sisters case worker today. She really is the best, and the Lord blessed us immensely when she was assigned to our cases. I do dislike the visits on some level though because it reminds me that Big Sister still waits in limbo. The past couple of days have been so emotionally hard for me waiting to hear. Hoping to move to adoption soon.

Our case worker reminded us that we need to get our training hours in so she is not removed from our home....her home. Man I am so sick of this system. Good news is we get to use our Weekend to Remember getaway as part of our training.

She also told us that Big Brother has had some genetic testing done and there are some chromosomal abnormalities there and all the last  4 siblings who have the same birth Dad have the same struggles and issues so we need to get our girls tested. Maybe it will be a piece of the puzzle. Something to pray about.

We are also waiting to hear from medicaid about the special needs beds so please keep that issue in your prayers. The sleep issues are huge.

Just a little update with some of our most recent going ons. We really could use the prayer cover. As always I will keep you posted.

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