Friday, February 3, 2012

Quite the Week

Good Morning Dear Ones:

I am sorry I have not even been on my blog all week. This week has been crazy. I had 11 appointments between Monday and Wednesday. Most were for the girls. Some were for Elijah who broke his wrist last week. I felt like I was moving at break neck pace.

One of the girls appointments were with their developmental specialist. She seems to think that along with Mercy's developmental delays she also is showing some autistic behaviors. Also, the bone Elijah broke in his wrist is a hard bone to heal and his orthopedic surgeon said if it does not heal in 6-8 weeks then he will have to have surgery to prevent permanent disfunction. So i'd love to have my readers come along side our family and lift us up.

Through it all, I am thankful for the strength and peace my heavenly father has given me. I'm not looking at the picture doctors or therapist paint for my girls.  I am choosing to see it all as God's material. His supplies, to do his great work in them. Even if none of their issues or problems ever change I know my God has good in store. He will be glorified in my girls lives. I truly believe it!

I am also proud of my Elijah. I think the pain of missing out on his JV basketball season hurts way more than the physical pain he is in. I know though that God hold's Elijah in his hands. Even in this he will be glorified. If for no other reason then to draw Elijah even closer to him.

Noah has also had a hard week with some struggles in one of his closest relationships. It really is so difficult to see your kids go through challenges but more and more I realize it is not my job to rescue them from such things but to walk with them through it.

God is in everything, including a scary diagnosis, questions, frustrations, disappointments, traffic jams, stomach bugs, heartaches and ridiculously long waiting rooms. I know this because each of those things were a part of my week and in each challenge I felt his presence, and I saw his love and activity. He held my hand through it all.

"For I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you. Do not fear: I will help you." Isaiah 41:13

Whatever you are facing today, it may be small or it may be huge. I'd like to encourage you to open your fist and spread your fingers so Jesus can take your hand today. He will help you.

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