Friday, January 6, 2012

Bare Piggies

Dear Ones:

It is late as I start this post, but I know I won't be able to sleep a wink until I get it out. I have titled it bare piggies for a couple reasons. The obvious one being after the blogs namesake. The obscure reason being I just had my socks completely blessed off, and I need to bare my heart.

For the past three days I have been fiddling with my blog. The motive for this was I wanted to get a professional blog makeover, but as I shopped around, I quickly realized it was not a financial possibility. So I thought to myself that I would just do with it what I could. The professional makeover would have to be shelved for now. 

So I fiddled and fiddled and did the best I could. When I finished I even thought ok not to bad for a complete blog design novice (to put it nicely.) I mean I was not in love with the results by any means but I had done my best.

I then posted my new look on my facebook page to get some feedback. I have to say people were kind considering. 

In steps Crystal from Little Bit Funky

Crystal is my friend, and she offered to redo my header, which was the area I most was unsatisfied with. If you don't know Crystal, she is a creative virtuoso. She makes Martha Stewart look like someone from a pre-school art class. So believe me I jumped at the chance for her to work her magic on my header. 

Well, Crystal spent over three hours in my HTML mess and not only made the cutest blog header ever but also redid the whole blog. When I saw it my mouth literally gaped. My eyes welled up. And my heart filled up. It was perfect. It was me in HTML. 

So this post is in Crystal's honor for all she put into honoring me. I thank you earnestly.

I love you Crystal...Get home soon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

God Didn't Waste Any Time

Good Morning Dear Ones:

I'm already meeting one of my MORE desires this morning with writing another blog post so soon. Somehow I think this one connects all my more longings.

God did not waste any time nudging my heart. Actually He has been gently nudging it for some time now, and an e mail I received from a dear friend this morning just confirmed it. Now it is up to me to respond. Will I shy away again or will I obey. 

My friend shared a story about a fathers prayer for his child. How God did the miraculous in his child's life. 

I know God was using my friend to speak to me. He has been telling me for some time now to petition Him more for my girls. I am ashamed to admit it but there are some things I have been scared to death to place my hope in Him for.  I have stopped reading books about FAS and stopped participating in FAS groups online. I have stopped attending adoption support group. Each time I did any of those things something inside me died a little bit more. Honestly right now I don't know what the balance is between faith and reality. What am I to accept, and what I am to press into God for and believe Him for the miraculous?

I'm scared to hope for something, to place my hopes before the father and to miss him somehow, and for it to not to be His plan at all. To be brutally honest and exposed here, i'm scared to hope for God to do something BIG and to be disappointed, let down, and have my hopes crushed.  
I guess my feelings are irrelevant. God is nudging me for a reason. So today I am asking Him for forgiveness. I repent that it has taken me so long to say yes to what he is asking me to do. Today I am accountable before God and all of you as I commit to petition my God for MORE in my girls lives. I am going to risk hope, even if what I hope for is unlike what God has in mind. Besides whatever he has in store I am sure is above and beyond what I could even ask or imagine. If He is telling me to ask then I am going to ask. God give me courage to pray until. Until you answer with your perfect and wonderful plan. Thank you for letting me be a part of it Father God. Thank you for more.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year Dear Ones:

This post was inspired by Kelly from Ordinary Days. She is a wife, mother by birth and adoption, and also has children with special needs. I read her post this morning and it got me thinking. What word would I want to have for 2012.

As I pondered about my hearts desires the word more just kept coming. I desire more in 2012. 


  • Jesus
I am most at peace when I am most with Jesus. Life bombards you with stress from many directions so in this new year I want more of my Jesus and more peace.
  • Times of worship
My God is good all the time regardless of circumstances. I want to focus more on that and spend more time giving him the worship He is worthy of.
  • Bible study
I find when I saturate my brain with truth my perspective and everything else about life is improved. So I want more of the word in my life.
  • Of my family
Having a large family requires a lot of energy. Sometimes you can get so caught up in what you have to do that you can lose sight of who you are doing it with. I want to pause in the midst of life's activities and be active about enjoying who I am with. I want more of my family.
  • Laughter
Laughter really is good medicine. It is one of the things I enjoy most with my husband and family. I am asking the Lord to give us more laughter this year.
  • Fun
Life is so full of what you have to do. I want to purpose to mix it up with more what you want to do when possible. Take a break. Spend time with friends. Read more books. Recharge. Decorate. Go on more dates. 
  • Fitness and Health
I plan to continue exercising and get better at what I eat. Im not going to lie, food is a big part of fun, so I hope to find a good balance in it all. 
  • Writing writing and more writing
When I write it is like what Eric Liddle said about running. I feel God's pleasure! I most certainly crave more of that in my life.
  • Photography
I LOVE photography. I love how a photo can say I love you without a single word. The business of life has crowded it out lately and I hope to find a spot for more of it this year.
  • Kindness and others
Sometimes I can get so caught up with our family and the needs we have that I don't see the needs of others. Jesus help me to see that and obediently respond to it more this year.
  • Thankfulness
Difficulties can literally drain your gratitude. May I have the mind of Christ this year, renewed by His word, to walk in truth and gratitude.
  • Progress
Finally, I want to see progress with my girls. FAS is a mighty foe that brings numerous challenges and difficulties. With my God I want to be an even mightier warrior. I don't even really know exactly what that is supposed to look like as we fight for our girls. May God minister to us and them as we do exactly what we should for them. May we have wisdom to know what to strive for and what to let go of. May he fill our parenting toolbox with what works. And ultimately may Big Sisters adoption progress and finish this year to be forever ours. We know she is already His.

So this is the list that I can ask and think of. "Now to Him who is able to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us." Ephesians 3:20

Amen to that!

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