Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting to Taste and See

Good Morning Dear Ones:

I am happy today. Yes I know it is just an emotion but I am going to bask in it. You see there are so many things in this life that the need for refuge arises. That safe place to shelter you from the storms of living.

I love this verse:

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him." Psalm 34:8

In my personal situation, numerous times I have needed to fall at his feet and seek refuge. The whole adoption process through the foster care system and all the heart risk that it involves alone drove me to him. Raising children with permanent brain damage almost daily made me desperate for his sanctuary.

So many times I thought I would be stuck in the desert of fetal alcohol syndrome. Wondering how do I raise children who don't have cause and effect in their thinking? Children who don't learn? Children whose little damaged brains were so busy they simply can't rest. How would I keep them safe? How would they come to know Jesus? Would they be productive members of society? Would anyone else outside our family ever love them and make them feel valuable?

I literally was dreading the school year starting. Anticipating almost daily reports of all the challenges and struggles, just like last year. Feeling hopeless as to any solutions. Gearing myself up to just grin and bear it.

Not today. Today, I am feeling like we have a new lease on life with special needs. As I mentioned in my last post the girls have had some medication changes. Their new ADHD medication has been completely life changing. They are calmer. They are more obediant. They can focus on a task. Their impulse control issues are much more manageable. I feel like I am actually enjoying who they are and not constantly correcting and redirecting and managing.

We actually got a note home from school after the first week and Jubilee was described as having a great start to her new year. She is sitting and participating in circle time and getting along well with her peers. This is a far cry from head butting and hiding under tables defying her aide last year.

I see it as a miracle. I have so much hope. Hope that they will learn. Hope that they won't go through life being "those kids". Hope that what truly was meant for evil against them in their birth mothers womb will all be turned around for good. Because my God is good. He is Loving and He is ever so faithful.

I know we still have mountains before us. But I am so encouraged. I really believe God can move the mountains. So I will leave you this morning with a smile on my face. With renewed hope in my heart and with this verse that perfectly sums up my emotions today.

"You changed my sorrow into dancing. You took away my clothes of sadness, and clothed me in happiness." Psalm 30:11


  1. I came over from a post on another blog, and do not have time to really dive into your blog like I want to, but I didn't want to read this post and leave without comment. I, too, have a child with invisible disabilities that others assume he is behaving poorly because he is naughty, or because I am too lenient a parent etc. Though not as severe as what you've described, I can relate and hope to be an encouragement to you, if only as an internet cheerleader. I think God has led me to you tonight, and I will pray for your family, and for your Mama-heart tonight. I will be back tomorrow to read more and look forward to getting to know more!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to encourage. I look forward to connecting more. Your prayers are precious to me.


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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