Saturday, April 7, 2012

Big Sister Miracles

Dear Ones:

It has been a turbulent past couple of days. Thursday morning started out like any other day. Both the girls had therapy appointments on Thursday afternoon. I was in the room with Mercy during her occupational therapy visit and Big Sister was in the pool with her therapist for physical therapy. During her therapy, Big Sister did a flip under water and as she was coming up she gulped and sucked in water. She came up choking and then she threw up. She then became very lethargic. She quickly fell asleep but when we could not wake her we took her to the emergency room. She just got worse once we were there. Her vitals were crashing and the x-ray showed that she had water in her lungs which also had pool chemicals in her lungs causing inflammation and respiratory distress. She was not getting oxygen. They said if she did not improve she would have to be intubated (tube in her throat to help her breath.) It was decided to take her by ambulance to the PICU so she could be cared for there. Needless to say I was terrified. This normally jubilant and rambunctious little girl looked lifeless. I just sobbed as I saw her struggling to breath. The doctor called it a near drowning.

We asked for prayer through every avenue we could think of. I have to say I witnessed a miracle before my eyes because within 24 hours My sweet girl was off of oxygen and quickly recovering. We are home now but there is still a risk for infection like pneumonia within the next 4 to 5 days. So we are staying away from crowds for now with her weakened immune system.

For all of you who prayed her healing through, I from the bottom of my heart, sincerely thank you. My gratitude to you who lifted her up and to My God who healed her up is massive!

I also have to thank all the concerned family and friends who sent text messages or called us. We felt loved.

And to Andrea, thank you for coming in the middle of the night to sit with a scared Mama. Just your lovely presence alone was calming. You fed my body and my soul.

Thank you to the families who have prepared meals for our herd. We have felt nurtured.

To Bethany, thank you for sitting in the room with us for hours waiting for discharge and then taking us home.

Finally, another miracle to share. One I have been longing to share with you. Since Big Sister is still a foster child. All her treatment had to be approved by DSS and her case worker was notified of what was going on. The next day her case worker came to the hospital to visit Big Sister. She at that time gave me an envelope with adoption paperwork inside of it and informed me that on April 3rd the judge finally came to a decision and upheld the termination of parental rights. We have been praying for over 7 months for this answer to prayer. Oh the joy that flooded my spirit. What this means is we have until May 3rd to see if there will be a third and final appeal. If not then we can move forward with her adoption.

I just can not praise God enough. The joy always, always comes!


  1. Rejoicing with you my friend!! We serve a God of HEALING and RESTORATION!!! So excited for your family!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I had no idea that that could happen like that! How very scary! So thankful with you for her healing!! And for the amazing news about her adoption! Praises!!!!



"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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