Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pinch Me

Dear Ones:

Since we have moved to the adoption unit with Baby Girl. I have kinda been stuck in the "don't hold your breath" foster-mom mentality. You know, the just keep going through life mode, and don't let yourself get excited or celebrate.

But more and more things keep happening. Referral letters have been asked for and written. Medical records have been asked for. Home study paperwork and questions have been completed and we have an appointment to work on more finalization information next Friday.

So today I let myself rejoice in the happenings. Today I am celebrating that Baby Girl will be Mercy. It is a very strange feeling. On one hand a family was hurt and broken. On the other hand our family has been BEYOND blessed with our daughter. I can not tell you how much joy she brings to each and every family member. My precious chocolate muffin.

I sit here and ponder God's path, plan and design. It has been no secret that at times I have been bewildered, confused, and flat out angry. Would I have ever chosen this way?...ummm not in a million years, but do I see His wonderful mighty hand? ABSOLUTELY 100%. The only way to describe the journey ultimately is MAGNIFICENT. Oh what God has done and oh what He will do. I won't even begin to speculate because:

"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9

Don't I know that to be true.

On a more personal and vulnerable note I wanted to share a blog post I read recently. I have to share it because it is a SPECIAL part of this journey. I have to say it was straight from my heavenly daddy for me. It left me in a heap and in a place of not aloneness. Not many understand the path we have been called to. As a result it is sometimes very isolating to have a safe place to reach out. So emotional support can be limited at best. Part of this path at times has brought me so much personal struggle. My identity...what I thought I was as Mom certainly as the post says felt "stripped from me." If you know someone who has ever been on the adoption journey...esp. to kids with special needs it is a MUSTread!

You can find the post ~~~HERE~~~

I'd love to know your thoughts and we always treasure encouragement and prayers!

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