Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear Ones:

I want to share about some different kinds of "fits" today. Both of which I am working on in my life. First is getting physically fit. The age of f-f-f-forty is quickly approaching me. Not something I am terribly excited about but why not make it as fabulous as possible. So I am working out 5 to 7 days a week. I plan on being more fit at forty than I was at 20. I try my best to not feel my way to fitness because as the Mom of 6 kiddos, some days I just don't feel like working out, but I must say finishing my workout always feels great! So does seeing the changes taking place in my body. I no longer want the pain of regret, so I opt for the pain of discipline.

That brings me to my next "fit". Self Control. This is one area where I want more discipline. For myself and for my family. It has been something God has placed on my heart recently and I love how when God is working on an issue in my life he always brings me the encouragement along the way to spur me on in love. For me, the best way is the genuine vulnerability of others on the same path. Lysa Terkeursts is one of my most favorite writers. Somehow I can almost always put myself in her writings and can wholeheartedly relate. Today she wrote about self control. It was right on time with my battle of those times when I lose my self control in a "fit" of my flesh. This is another area where I am tired of the regret. One of the things she wrote about hit me hard today because it is the perfect description of my struggle:

"Have you ever been in a discussion with a loved one and suddenly your blood pressure skyrockets, your nerves fray, and the worst version of you begs to come out?"

All I can say is yes and ouch.

She also said:

"It's hard to display self control when it FEELS like someone else does things out of control and yanks our emotions into a bad place."

There are those words again..."feels" & "emotions". I don't know if there is anything else I wrestle with more. It all comes down to my CHOICE. Will I choose to react or respond? Will I choose to "give them the power to control my emotions?" I am sincerely desiring for God's power to be working in me. To overflow out of life. So if I want HIS power to overflow I have to put more of His word inside of me. So as I force my body to change by physical exercise I am going to do the same with my inner self. More of Him and less of me. My spiritual exercise or habit is going to be writing down His word, putting it in front of my face....planting it into my heart so I can be "fit" and strong enough to resist the fleshly "fits" in my life.

Lord Jesus I want to be physically and spiritually fit. I want to be strong in life. Please give me the verses to plant in my heart. Fill my heart with your word and your responses that will please you and bless you and my family and my life. When I fail, may I be quick to ask your forgiveness and the forgiveness of those I hurt, and get right back on track.

Living Loved,

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