Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great news!

Dear Ones:

I am about to bust guys. I just had a panel interview with my case worker. It consisted of her, an adoption worker and someone from outside the agency. This was a review because the goal for Baby Girl has changed to adoption. Can I just tell you how much I love saying and typing that...surreal. Anyhow where things stand is we are waiting for a slot to open for her with a case worker in the adoption unit. Then she transfers to adoption. I asked that once she transfers how long of a timeline until we are able to finalize for her and the adoption worker told me if there are no glitches or problems that we could finalize in 6 months!!!!! Can you believe it????? It could be by the end of the year!!!!!! The thought just takes my breath away.

So for Baby Girl we are praying for God's hand picked adoption worker. We have been so blessed with our case worker and hope for the same when we transfer to the adoption unit. We are also praying to finalize this year. Finally we are praying that NO appeal will be filed for Big sisters termination yesterday. Although we have been told that birth mom intends to appeal. Please stay with us dear ones.... I can almost see the finish line.

Please keep my girls in your prayers they are both fighting fevers and vomiting. They can't afford to lose what we work so hard to get in them. Thanks guys!

Much love and Gratitude,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dear Ones:

I just heard from my man and parental rights are TERMINATED!!!!!!
Eric said he heard birth mom say on the way out that she wasn't going down that easy. So I am sure she will appeal. She has 10 days to do so. For now though we are celebrating todays victory and focusing on being one step closer to 2 little darlings being forever ours!!!!!

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