Tuesday, December 27, 2011

16 years ago...

Dear Ones:

Sixteen years ago today Eric and I were given the gift of Elijah. On that day my dream of motherhood came true and it was above and beyond what I could have ever asked or imagined. From day one Elijah has simply been a delight. I love having a front row seat to the amazing adventure of watching God's plan unfold in his life. Our family is blessed beyond measure because Elijah is a part of it.  So I praise God today that he chose me to be his mother. 

Happy Birthday Elijah you are so worth celebrating!!!!!

Elijah and his brother Noah just left last night. The two of them are on their way to Nicaragua to serve God and others. They spent months since they got back from Mexico this past summer working their way to get to Nicaragua. They took every job they could and worked really hard. Through all their hard work and some loving donations, once again God provided everything they needed. 

I have mixed emotions as a Mama sending them off. It is hard letting your babies out of your grasp isn't it?  The truth is though they are just on loan to me. They are His. They know their heavenly father and serve him with willing hearts. Even when it is not easy. I know they will come back closer to Him and richer spiritually, with their world view broadened because of it. So even though I miss them so much my heart could bust. I rejoice in who they are and who they will become because they follow hard after Jesus. What more could a mother want really?

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"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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