Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Character ~~ Elijah

Dear Ones:

I just have to share with you today about something that just delighted this mother's heart.

It is about my eldest son Elijah.

I really can't say enough good about this boy. Something specific about him came to mind this morning as I was getting my makeup on. This special MOMent came to me because he is actually home today because of a plumbing issue at school. 

As I was getting ready I could hear him loading the dishwasher. This is his week. I thought to myself, how nice I didn't have to remind him to do that. Then I heard his still feverish little sister Mercy calling to him from the living room. She had a book in her hand and she wanted him to read it to her. He sweetly sat down with her and so lovingly read to her. He helped her put her hood on her head because, well, she likes hats and asked for help and he so sweetly obliged. He then went back to his morning chore. I thought I have to praise this kid. He is showing good character.

I have heard character defined once  as being "who you are when no one else is looking."

He was completely unaware of what I overheard. As I went to praise him and before I could even get a single word out of my mouth, he began to tell me about his book time with Mercy. That is when my eyes just welled up. He then came over to me to hug me and then I got to tell him. I got to share what I had heard, unbeknownst to him. Also, how there is nothing more glorious to a parent then to see their child know and serve the Lord genuinely, and how proud I was of his good character. 

I'm just so thankful I get to be his Mama. He truly is an amazing gift to this whole family and I am sure to everyone who really knows him.

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"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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