Monday, September 19, 2011

Transforming with Beachbody

Dear Ones,

I just wanted to share something about myself that I am proud of. I am on a determined path to health and fitness. I have come to a point where there is no turning back. I recently became a Independent Team Beachbody Coach. Mostly, because I reached a point in my life, at almost 40, that it was time to make a change. Signing up as a Coach has given me motivation, tools and accountability to keep pushing. Not to mention a nice discount on my fitness programs and supplements. I am approaching this whole new venture completely different than anything else I have ever been involved with. You see I may never make a single dollar with it, and you know what, I am completely OK with that. Why? Because if I succeed in changing my physical health, then there is absolutely no way I can fail. If anyone ever decides to order products from me or join my team then that is just the icing on the cake. I am feeling better and stronger every single day! I just finished my first month of INSANITY and as the last workout of the month was winding down I really think I could have cried because I DID IT! I am just starting month 2 and so excited to see where it is going to take me in my transformation process. If you would like to check out my websites please feel free to. I am here if you would like to join me :)

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