Thursday, April 28, 2011

Choosing to see the Majestic

Dear Ones:

I've missed being on here. I love to write. I know it is not something I am trained at. Grammar and spelling are some of my weakest areas. Still I love to pour out my heart when I am struggling and I love to let my fingers frantically stumble over the keyboard as I have wonderful news to share. Mostly I think I just love to connect. I think that is one of my most favorite things about reading when I can connect with what the writer is sharing. It is satisfying somehow to think maybe some of you have connected with things I have written.

Writing is just one of the ways I am choosing to see God. As one of my favorite writers, Lysa Terkeurst said in one of her writings I recently read is seeing God as "the majestic still visits us in the midst of the mundane." and "actively looking for God and anticipating his activity in everything."

That is where this blog post is coming from. As so many stay at home Mom's can surely relate. There is plenty of mundane to go around. But I am choosing to see the majestic. What a difference it makes.

Some of the ways I see are:

  • Hearing my sweet little girls laugh, it honestly is one of my most favorite sounds on earth.
  • Hearing my boys say when they grow up they too want to have their own children and adopt, I am so impressed by their compassionate hearts. Knowing just how hard this faith journey has been and knowing they will grow up and choose it, in that my friends I see God!
  • Taking a photo, capturing a memory, and a special moment in time. That may sound silly but when I am able to do just that I see God. I feel like a creative God made me to be creative.
  • This is a recent one but still even in this I see God. I recently got started with Creative Memories. It was so emotional for me that I even became a consultant so I could share that experience with others. Photos tell stories and being able to have the tools to tell those stories well, in a way that even a busy mom of 6 can, was so gratifying to me. It is like "laying up stones of remembrance."
  • Friendships ~ having those special, genuine and safe relationships. You know the ones that you can be completely yourself with, and we all know that our selves are not always pretty, but somehow those special relationships reflect Jesus, and somehow those people have a love for you that covers a multitude of sins, and somehow they walk this path of life with you, and somehow the journey is simply sweeter and you feel stronger just because they are by your side. Oh yes Dear Ones in that I see God.
I know this list is small. It is just what I have been able to see most recently. I also know it could go on and on because I am simply choosing to see my God in EVERYTHING. The mundane really is majestic if we CHOOSE to see.

I'd love to hear from you Dear Ones, how are you seeing God in the midst of your mundane?

living loved,

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"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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