Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Hardest Post To Write

Dear Ones:

I am grieving today. Grieving a dream. Big Brother will be leaving our home on Thursday afternoon. He needs to be somewhere that his family will have more time to address his needs. His attachment issues have just been draining the life out of our family. This is not the end we were hoping for. It hurts to think you have failed someone. We will always love and pray for this little boy. ALWAYS! We will do what we can to keep a connection with he and his sisters. I just have to tell you how great our God is through all of this. The new family he is going to the Dad is a counselor and the Mom is a special education teacher. I just wept when I heard that. How perfect for his needs. God has been in this and He IS in control. Please pray for the loss in our hearts but more importantly please pray for him. For redemption and healing in his life.

Living Loved,


  1. We will be praying for you and your family! Love ya!
    The V-team

  2. Sweet Sweet Girl!

    I can't imagine what pain you are feeling with this decision. We will be praying for the Lord's balm of Peace to cover all of you. May the Lord always be with this sweet boy and may he grow in Christ and in Love and Healing and Grace!

    Much love,

  3. First of all.....breathe. It's alright. Trust in Him. And breathe.

    My sister fostered and adopted a baby boy who turned out to have attachment issues. (We won't get into the cause, only the effect) He is now 11 years old and it has been the roughest 11 years she and her family have EVER endured. He has been in and out of hospitals. The next step for him would be to live in boys type of home in Texas, 8 hours away for a minimum of 3 years.

    It has effected EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in their home. He is the youngest and he limits where ANYONE can go and what they can do because of his behavior. He's been therapy since he was 3.

    Sometimes, it just doesn't work and the BEST thing you could have done for him was to REALIZE that and do what is the BEST for him and for your family. My sister wouldn't do that. She was stubborn and didn't listen to the advice that was given to her several times, not to mention, she wasn't following Christ. So, they have all had to pay for it.

    It's alright. You can only do so much, and then you have to rely on God to take the rest.

    You are still an amazing lady! :D

  4. I know that the Lord has a plan in place for this little guy and this new family sounds perfect to take on his very big needs. What an honor to be used by the Lord as part of this little guys story of hope. At times we are just a moment in someone's life to share hope but in the end, all of the moments shared add up to be part of the healing that happens. He will be in good hands and you can still keep the kids connected throughout their childhood but just in a different way. I pray that the peace of Christ washes over you tonight and the days to come as you watch Him continue to work in this young boys life.

    Blessings my friend!!! It is all for His glory and honor!!!

  5. I have been in a similar situation and I know it is unbelievably hard. I am so sorry. Prayers for you, your family and your little guy!

  6. I really really appreciate all the prayers and encouragement. Thanks for taking the time to do so.



"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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