Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday is Dawning

Dear Ones:

We had the best case scenario this morning. Parental Rights were terminated for Baby Girl. I have to admit I am just stunned. Gloriously stunned. Birth Parents are appealing the decision so we will remain in prayer, but I have to say it feels really good to cry tears of joy and celebration today.
Today I got the best birthday present EVER!

Living Loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Court Date on Tuesday

Dear Ones:

I wanted to let you know that our court date for Baby Girl is this Tuesday Aug. 3rd.
The information we know at this point is the case worker and casa worker both are requesting that there will be termination of parental rights and that the case will move to adoption. We also know our judge in the case is very conservative and the slowest of all the judges to move to permanency placement. We have been told to be prepared for him to give birth parents another 3 months. We also know if the case moves to adoption the parents can appeal. We are also hoping no family members will crawl out of the woodwork especially after no involvement for this entire year the girls have been with us.

We desperately need your prayers. Honestly my anxiety levels are through the roof. Not knowing what the Lord is going to require of our family and fearing what that might be is very difficult.

I feel like the story of two mothers in 1 Kings 3:16-27. I feel like this baby is caught between two mothers and we are before the king and I hope the king will say "Give the baby to the first woman, because she is the REAL mother." I feel like I am her real mother. No matter what happens, I am her real mother.

I have decided to spend Monday fasting and praying. I will not be on the computer until after we return from court. Would any of you be willing to give up something to spend time in prayer for our family on Monday?

Please pray for God's will. First and foremost for these girls to be safe and for them to know Him always if they are with us or not. Please pray if things do not go as we are hoping that we will trust when we do not understand. That we will not be resentful in our disappointment. That we will know God is for us and not against us. Honestly, we are praying for these girls to be forever family members. That is our hearts desire and hope.

My next post will be how everything goes on Tuesday. Thank you once again for standing with us.

Living Loved,

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