Monday, January 18, 2010

Nicaragua - In Elijah's Own Words

hey every one its Elijah. My mom asked me to Blog post about my Nicaragua trip so here we go. It took us three planes to get down there but first we had to take a bus to D.C. The fist flight was about 6 hours and felt like forever. The second flight took about an hour and was really short the next flight was just bad, the flight was a little twelve passenger lane for about two hours. But before we got on the plane we had to go through the customs. One of our group leaders (Rodrigo) was on the small plane before me and they wouldn't let him take one of his bags so he gave it to me. So i have to go through customs with his bag not even knowing whats in it. So everyone had already gone through the customs or was getting there bag weighed and i was going through the bag check and metal detector. I put my bag through and i start to walk through forgetting i have Rods bag, the lady told me to stop and put the other bag through and i was like ok my bad and there checking rods bag and the lady asks me do you have a knife in your bag and I'm like no. then the lady asked me again Do you have a KNIFE in your bag and I'm like NO i don't have knife in my bag. Then they pull the bag back out and open it and pull out a pocket knife. I was freaking out so in panic i was like That's not my bag and then i thought top myself you are so stupid now there gonna think you stole a bag to. everything turned out ok and rod got his knife back and i wasn't arrested haha. While we were on the tiny little plane there were tons of clouds so tons of turbulence so we kept going up and down i was so tied so i fell asleep but i woke up about an hour later but was pretty much half asleep. when all of a sudden our plane feel like it drops 50 feet it was hilarious cause everyone woke up and grabbed onto something it was really funny. well when we got to the orphanage we didn't have our luggage so we had to wear the same clothes for two and a half days. Most days we worked from 8:00 to 11:30 then would eat lunch and go work for another hour then play with the kids the rest of the day. We went to one place called Batonia and we did a VBS (Vacation Bible School) with them to keep the kids occupied while the medical team and the dental team did there work. When we were done doing VBS with the kids we played kickball probably for 5 1/2 hours they had a blast with us after kickball we started to make some balloon animals and they went absolutely crazy they barley have any toys if any at all so they were so happy to have the balloons but they kept popping so some of the kids got three when some got none we tried are best to get everyone one but there were tons of kids. i was part of the construction team so i painted for one day but the next day they need a couple of guys to go and play with the kids at the "dump" so i was part of the medical team. while we were there it was probably the second hottest day at like 92 degrees and we played kickball with the kids there for about and hour and a half by then for some reason all the kids left we honestly grateful cause it was super hot so i got to help out on the medical team as a pharmacist and hand the medicine to the doctors. when we got home my feet were super itchy and so was my little room adult persons (Aaron Forester) so we went to the orphanage leader (Jeff) and he said that we had Grass lice. Grass lice are these little microscopic bugs kinda like chiggers and they go to the warm places of your body and just make your feet itch like crazy its like bug bites with a flame on them and they still itch now. And Jeff said if i wouldn't have put this creme stuff on them to kill the grass lice they would have gone all the way up my legs and into my uh huh yea that little area. We did group devotions every night and we called it porch time. And on the next to last porch time we had another group that was there come and do it with us. well at the very end of it God gave me a vision that he wanted me to share but i was kinda scared cause i get stage fright one and two i didn't even know one Fourth of the people there and i knew they went Christians. But i felt he really wanted me to share so i did and the vision was of a chain and the chain was on this really big door that said Gods Way on it and a door beside it that was bigger and it said on it Our Way. And i thought that God was trying to tell me that God has plans for us and they will lead to good stuff but if we say ah no i wanna go my own way and we put a chain on gods door to save it for later eventually that chain is gonna rust and break off and we will have lost our chance to go a certain way God wanted us to, so we need to listen to God and follow his way the first time. Then the next day we headed out and said our goodbyes to all of the kids and headed out and we got on the small plane and left for the big airport. When we got there we had a 9 hour wait till our next flight. so we went to eat and shopped for a good 4 hours so then we had to wait and wait and wait but we finally got on the plane and headed to El Salvador from there to dc and from there a bus back to home. And I'm back in the USA. I feel like God changed my world view a ton to where I'm more thankful for things i have cause they have nothing at all and are still happy so why are we not happy and we have more then we can handle sometimes. Well that's the gist of my Nicaragua Trip. Hope you like it if you have any more ?'s just comment on the post and ill answer

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  1. WoW Elijah! Sounds like you had an amazing time! I was wondering if you plan on going on any more missions trips??


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