Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Scary Night With Incredible God Stops

Dear Ones:

Our family had a scary 24 hours Monday night. Baby girl has unfortunately caught my cold. She had a really hard time breathing Monday night. Since she is a preemie we wanted to make sure she was not getting RSV since her breathing was so labored. Eric took her to the ER around 11:00 PM. Her RSV swab was normal but when they took an X-Ray of her chest the Dr. said her heart was enlarged and she need to go to another hospital by ambulance to see a cardiologist. We certainly did not expect that news and our own hearts dropped at the information given to us.

It felt like a very long day waiting for the echocardiogram results and functioning on no sleep. During the wait our family felt a flood of the love of Jesus.

Let me just start with the fact that though our circumstances were fearful we still had peace. I can only attribute that to the prayers being lifted up on our behalf. It was so comforting to know we could safely reach out for support. Church family and friends were so sensitive to our needs and offered to help in any way possible. I had so many phone calls and e mails through out the day from my e mail prayer list.

Then there was our school family. Our school situation never ceases to amaze me, and I stand in awe at how blessed we are to be a part of that environment. My boys naturally were concerned and upset about baby girl. I wasn't sure to keep them home or send them to school that morning. I eventually thought school would be a good distraction for them as we waited for news. I had a teacher e mail me to let me know how the boys were doing. I had teachers call me and let the boys check in and talk to their Mom. Canaan got to hang out with his older brother for part of the day until he felt better. I had faculty pray with me and ask about our situation and made sure I knew we were being covered in prayer. My boys told me how their classes multiple times prayed for baby girl. They also told me how they just felt comforted at school. I found myself all day long saying thank you Jesus for the Observable Presence of His love surrounding us.

As it turns out, the results of the echocardiogram showed baby girls heart to be totally normal. She just had a bad X-ray. We were totally relieved and thrilled to have such a good report. So we ended our day rejoicing and thankful in more ways than one!

Still Savoring The Observable Presence,

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