Monday, August 24, 2009

Hearing Update

Dear Ones:

I just heard from Eric who went to the hearing. The parents have until Feb 23 (next court date) to complete required steps to get the girls back. Our girls have the same dad and he had 2 family members there, a grandmother and an aunt who both said they are going to petition for custody. Once again we feel deflated, but I guess that is the nature of the foster/adopt process. We are just really really sad. Eric said you get so many more details when you go to court. He said it is like a Hail Mary pass that they will ever be ours. I know if God means for them to be ours then a Hail Mary is nothing for him to accomplish. It is just so VERY VERY hard not knowing what he means to happen for the girls or us. We love these precious girls like they were born to us. I know it is valuable to them that they get this love from us even if it is not forever. Sometimes, though, that is very little comfort for something your heart has longed for so long. Maybe that is God's plan though, I just do not know anymore. I feel like a heel when my selfishness creeps into the situation. My mind can be my worst enemy.

Just please continue to pray for all of us. Pray for the girls that their heavenly father who loves them more than we do will have His way in their lives both now and forever. Pray for our boys and Eric and I to know and obey the Fathers will, whatever that may be, and to bring him glory and honor as it all plays out. So many times in my emotions I know I have failed to do that, but I want to weather or not I get what I want or not.

Our hearts are hurting...

First Day of School

Dear Ones:

Today was the first day of school. Never one of my favorite days of the year I must say. I love having my boys home with me. I must say though that my boys have an amazing school and if they can't be with me then I want them there. The girls and I are sure going to miss them and can't wait for them to come home and tell us about their day.

Baby girls hearing is also taking place in about 20 minutes so I'll let you know how it goes.

Some funny things from this morning I wanted to share are:

Canaan prayed for the "ear thing" for baby girl as we prayed before we left for school. He is so cute. He thought hearing meant her ear thing LOL.

Zion said on the way to school "he wished school did not start until you were ready to wake up." I know how he feels.

Zion also said "he wished he was small enough to drive his hot wheel cars, then he would have a sweet ride." I guess our big huge barge of a van is not a sweet ride.

They make me smile!

Enjoy their pics from this morning.


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