Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Good Things

Dear Ones:

I know it has been so hit and miss with me and my blog post. I have been in such a weird spiritual and emotional place. I am still doing my 40 day commitment to "Believing God" See previous post, and it has been difficult. I honestly have not wanted to give up on things more in my life. It has seemed like a flood of opposition coming in our direction. Still I am pressing on. Where else can I go but to my God?

On some lighter notes I do want to share some random things that just make me happy. Starting with the picture above. I had my first birth photo shoot last week as some dear friends of mine became parents. This was my favorite shot from the day. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this special occasion. This family loves Jesus and every moment of this birth beautifully displayed that!

Thank-you Fritz and Andrea for the honor!

Next, yesterday was my birthday and it was different this year. I usually have a big get together with friends but this year was just me, my boys and my girl. I am one blessed woman in the family department. My husband gave me the tear jerker card following my "camera" for every gift occasion this year. My boys each made me a homemade card (those are the best) and chipped in to buy me my first sets of knifty knitter looms which I so LOVE! Making baby hats for photo shoots is so fun! My Mom also sent me a check and I was able to buy myself a necklace on etsy that I have been stalking for months. Can't wait to get it! Can you tell gifts are in my top 2 love languages? I also did not have to cook all day so it was just a FABULOUS day!

Finally, I know this is silly but it really does bring me much happiness. You see each of my kids have had "a thing". Some"thing" that was part of them and made me think of them. Elijah started out with Pooh Bear and has moved on to athletics and gadgets, also anything mint flavor. Noah has always been my creative one. He puts the smart in art! Zion is my Tonka truck with the marshmallow center and following right in Elijah's footsteps athletically. Right now his thing is turtles! He also is my worshiper, I love to hear him in the back seat just singing away! Then there is my "Curious Canaan" He has loved "Curious George" and has so reminded me of that curious little monkey since his first birthday! So our house is full of gadgets, crafts, turtles, and George's. Well, I have something to add to the list!


Yep, baby girl is like a fingerprint in the night( no 2 are the same) and she has acquired a few nick names. One of which is "Hootie" our little night owl. Cannan also calls her Tootsie roll. Twee Twee is also a daily contender. Sorry I digressed. Anyhow owls make me think of her and when I see them it makes me happy. I have now gathered a whole new wish list on etsy, the CUTEST owl stuff. These 2 are first on my list for her room:

Owl on Branch Vinyl Wall Decals Stickers Art Graphics by singlestonestudios on Etsy

VinylWall Art - Two Owls by janeymacpress on Etsy

You will have to let me know what you think. It just makes me giddy. Also "Mr. Owl from Tootsie Pop is PERFECT! I am drooling over this:

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