Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cinco de Mama Is Born

Dear Ones:

Cinco de Mama is born. This is a two fold meaning. First it is the new name of my blog. With baby girl here I am the proud mother of 5 and I want to celebrate it.

It also has to do with something else wonderful in my life. Today I had my first paid photography gig. It was so much fun and a wonderful learning experience. I hope it is one of many in my future. I have decided to call my photography business Cinco de Mama Photography.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Conflicted Emotions

Dear Ones:

So many factors have kept me from my blog lately. First and foremost has been the care of baby girl. She keeps me on my toes to say the least and I love every minute of it. Taking care of a preemie is so involved. Second, has just been the vast array of emotions I have been feeling. One minute, I am flooded with so much gratitude that she is here. Then next I feel like this is harder than waiting for a call in some ways. Now I have something to lose and that is an incredibly hard struggle for me.

The first visitation was interesting. Mom showed up too intoxicated to be allowed to visit. Dad was very sweet with her which I did not expect to witness. I have visitations scheduled for every Wednesday. Today was cancelled due to the fact that birth parents did not confirm. I can not say that makes me sad :)

Tomorrow her worker will be coming to the house to visit her. Please pray for that if you do not mind.

I so wish I could share pictures on the blog but I can not post online. She is soooooooooooo beautiful!

So far a relative has not come forward to petition for custody. Our states number one goal is return home, then relative placement and lastly an adoption plan. If it comes to that it is at least a year or so process.

I would very much appreciate your continued prayers for our family.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 24 Photo Challenge: “Let's Hear It For The Boys!”

Dear Ones:

Well this has got to be the week for me. If there is one thing I've got it is boys! One wonderful husband and four awesome sons! Fathers Day yesterday was the perfect day to capture some wonderful moments with all my boys! Enjoy!

"Be sure to head on over to to check out all of the beautiful face
 entries this week!")
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