Monday, June 15, 2009

Hearing Update

Dear Ones:

I just got off the phone with CPS. As of right now baby girl will remain in our care. I have her first visitation with birth parents on Wednesday. They also told us there is a possible relative who may want the baby so we will see. For now she is with us so we will take it one day at a time. Thank you for praying. Please continue to pray for us. As happy as we are that she is still here we still live with the constant insecurity if she will stay. Being with her is FANTASTIC but the thought and real possibility of losing her is HORRIBLE.

I Heart Faces Week 23 Photo Challenge: “Sepia Toned

Dear Ones:

Here are my entries for this weeks photo contest. Sepia Toned kids and adult entry. A nice distraction for me as we have our first foster care hearing today and praying little one will be staying.

"Be sure to head on over to to check out all of the beautiful face entries this week!")

First Hearing Today

Dear Ones:

Today at 9:00 AM is our first hearing. I must admit I am feeling very fragile as it could go either way. We are hoping and praying it will go ours and this precious little girl will remain in our care. I will let you know how it goes. Please Pray.

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