Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some News...

Dear Ones:

Well, I do have some news to share. Not the fantastic news I continue to hope I will one day share with all of you, but good news none the less. Last Thursday night during Zion's birthday party my cell phone rang. The ringtone was the one I have given to our social worker so I don't drive myself crazy every time the phone rings.

Needless to say my heart started racing and I began to think Zion was not going to be the only one receiving a gift that night.

Our worker began by asking me if Eric and I would ever consider respite care? This took me off guard because we never really even thought about it before. She explained that another foster family with a baby boy needs respite care from July 3rd - July 17th. I told her I would need to talk to my guys and get back to her.

After hanging up the phone and digging down deep not to cry, I went back to the party and waited until I could talk with my guys. Everyone was in agreement to do this. So we will have a temporary new family member next month. I asked when I told her yes if we would still be notified when a baby girl was in need and she assured me that our family was number one on her list when that was the case, even if the little guy is still with us.

So we will get a taste of loving and leaving. I am continuing to trust that this whole thing is not about me and ask forgiveness when I so easily slip into the mentality that it is. May God be glorified.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 21 Photo Challenge- Happy Birthday Kids

Dear Ones:

I heart faces has 2 ways to enter this week and here is my kids entry. Theme - Happy Birthday. Please check out my pet entry just below this post.

"Be sure to head on over to www.iheartfaces.com to check out all of the beautiful face entries this week!")


Week 21 Photo Challenge - Pets

Dear Ones:

Here is another photo challenge I am entering at I heart faces. This week has the option of an anything goes pets category. 
"Be sure to head on over to www.iheartfaces.com to check out all of the beautiful  entries this week!")

For my regular followers stay tuned for some news later this week.


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