Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seizing Happy Moments

Dear Ones:

I wonder if I still have my small following. You guys still out there? I have neglected my blog for some time now. I guess I have felt bad that I have not had any adoption news to share. The fact that I don't does not mean I do not have happy moments that I am doing my best to seize. It is so easy when you are waiting to put life on hold isn't it?

Please allow me to share a few:

Some very exciting news is My oldest son Elijah is going on His first out of country missions trip. He actually leaves on His 14th birthday in December for Nicaragua. He will be gone a week and one of the wonderful opportunities he will have is to minister to orphans. I am so excited to see the work God is going to do in and through Elijah. Please pray for him as he is working hard to raise the funds to go.

Something else is God has provided some part time childcare for me to do this summer which will allow me to help with our finances but still be here to enjoy my favorite time of year with my awesome boys! Oh how I love summer!

Last Sunday we had some good friends over for lunch. It was so refreshing to be with friends. To laugh and play games and eat and just be together. It did my soul so much good. I need more of that in my life.

Lastly, I want to share some more about my growing passion for photography. I am so enjoying my lessons and practice. It is such a nice distraction in my life. I soooo enjoy it. I actually have my first gig in June. A friend of a friend asked me to take some maternity and after baby shots. She is actually going to pay me to do this.  She is fully aware of my amateur status but is willing to give me the practice. I could just bust with excitement. I think babies, kids and family is the coolest venue in photography. I love to capture emotions and nothing is more emotional than your loved ones as far as I am concerned. What I would really love to do is labor and delivery room shots. A place near and dear to my own heart. How wonderful to be able to capture those precious moments. The friends I mentioned earlier are allowing me to give them this gift when their baby is due in September. It makes me want to explode with excitement when I think about it.

So there you have it. Moments in my life that are happy and I choose to seize those happy moments.

As far as the adoption is concerned, well God has stripped me bare. I continue to wait on Him and trust Him whatever the outcome may be. Honestly I hope so strongly it will be as my heart desires, but I am sure if it is not then he has a plan more wonderful than I can imagine.


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