Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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My Hi for this week is in the post below this one. Waiting for that call!

My Low was watching my children be so sick this week but they are getting better Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Finished Our First Home Visit

Dear Ones:

I just finished our first home visit. Our social worker told me that technically now we are ready for placement at any given moment day or night! She said she could get a call even before she gets back to work and possibly be calling me.Yes even before we finish training! She was amazed at how prepared we are. We told her we are in this hoping to adopt our daughter so she will look for situations that look more permanent than others. This room could be filled soon Lord willing. It is really hard to contain my excitement. I know I should remain guarded. The possibility of this dream becoming a reality finally is just something I do not even have words to describe right now.

Praising Jesus Right Now!
Mercy is coming!

Last Night and Today (First Home Visit)

Dear Ones:

Last night was a rough one for us. Canaan who had seemed to improve for most of the day went downhill again last night. He was literally screaming in pain because of his ears. We paged our doctor about 10:30 PM and he told Eric to meet him at the office. He opened the office just for Canaan. After examination this poor kid who started with pneumonia, then the flu now has a double ear infections. So a change in antibiotic. Elijah and Zion were both put on new antibiotics yesterday too because both have bronchitis and the flu on top of it. Please continue to pray for all of them. Somehow Eric, myself and Noah have not caught any of the nasty stuff. Noah has started with a stuffy nose and I hope it doesn't go any further. Pray for me too as Eric will be out of town tonight and I lose my helper.
 Another BIG prayer request for today is at 10 AM we will have our first home visit for the foster to adopt program. This will just be a quick one to see that we have adequate space to bring in a child. With everything that has been going on just pray everything goes well and the room pictured below that has been ready going on 2 years will be filled soon.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Tangible Love / MMKM

Dear Ones:

This past weekend was a 4 day school break for the boys. It did not go as you would hope for a break to go. Canaan had pneumonia and Zion had the flu. Elijah still is fighting bronchitis. Buster even vomited on the carpet, of course only 3 inches from the wood floor.  Eric took Canaan to the ER on Sunday morning because his fever was so high. Sunday afternoon it had reached 104.3, I think we could have roasted marshmallows off of his body. As it turned out his x-rays showed his lungs had cleared with a little wheezing left and he had just caught the flu from Zion. The poor little guy spent the entire day and through the night in bed. He seems to be a little better this morning. He had the breakfast of champions...bologna. I know the stuff is so unhealthy but he requested it and since he had not eaten in a while we were going to give him whatever his heart desired. This morning Canaan and Zion still have fevers and Elijah is still barking so I am off to the doctor again in a few minutes. I think I could have come close to buying my dream SLR camera with all the doctor and drug co-pays we have forked out. OK 
maybe that is an exaggeration but it is not cheap let me tell you. Can anyone say Ramen Noodles for dinner :)

Well that is the latest on our health drama. Below I wanted to share some tangible acts of love given to us through it all:

Canaans dear friends from across the cul- de- sac delivered their "we love you" art work 
Lots of phone calls and e mails checking on us and encouraging us.
Our dear friends Fritz and Andrea even dropped off pizza for dinner. After a day of bleach and lysol it was so nice to not have to worry about dinner. 

We are so thankful for the prayers and love. May it all multiply back on to the givers.

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* Dr. update:
Elijah: bronchitis still/flu
Zion: flu/bronchitis
Canaan: pneumonia/flu (possible ear infection)


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