Friday, February 20, 2009

1 down 8 more to go

Dear Ones:

Last night Eric and I started our training for the foster to adopt program. It was extensive to say the least. Class was 3 hours long with one 5 minute break. The picture above is of our workbook and homework manual for the class. A lot of what was discussed about child welfare was so incredibly sad. To hear about the abuse of children puts a horrible feeling inside. It really confirmed to both Eric and I that we want to work with infants. Some situations we don't feel like we would be equipped for and we certainly have to put our boys first as to what we would bring into our home. From what I understand once we complete this training (9 weeks total) and have all our background checks, paperwork, physicals and home visits done then we can be approved for placement. I have heard from other foster to adopt parents in other states that if the need is great then you may be able to get a placement before training is over but the class did not make it seem that way so we will see.
There was one family there who currently have 4 foster children and are trying to adopt a 1 year old they have had since birth. From what I understand the whole adoption process can be a 14 month or longer process. I could be wrong but that is what I understood last night. We were told we would address timeframes later in the class. I guess that would make it par for the course. Nothing about our journey to find our daughter has been easy, but at least we are moving forward. Still my biggest concern is attaching to a child that would not permanently become a part of our family. I just continue to ask for your precious prayer support as we walk this path.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday contest

This post is part of "Hi/Lo Thursday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check out their blog to read everyone else's "Hi/Lo" posts and for a chance to win $100.

My Hi has all ready been posted in the two posts just below this one. I am looking forward to actually moving forward and meeting my daughter , and taking lots of pictures of her and her awesome brothers.

My low - Gosh... it just feels good to not actually have one to write about.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here we go... HOPE

Dear Ones:

Today Eric and I went to our foster-to-adopt orientation meeting. We came away with a unified peace to move forward. We actually start 9 weeks of training tomorrow night. So we are back knee deep into paperwork, fingerprints, background checks and home visits. Once we are approved then we will wait for a foster placement. Our worker told us today that with our situation, knowing adoption was our goal, she would be selective as to which placements she would recommend as a match for us. 

So it is still a long road ahead. But one we are willing to travel with our awesome boys by our sides. I have a cool story to share about that. As we were driving home from our meeting my cell rang. It was our awesome Pastor, whom we love so dearly. We are so fortunate that he is a teacher at our boys school and gets to impart in their daily lives. Well, Pastor Rich called and said "Hey are you guys done?" I told him we were and he told me he had a class (Elijah's class) that had been praying for us and handed the phone to Elijah so we could tell him all about it.

I was so choked up that I had to keep myself from crying. Those who know me, know that is not an easy thing for me to do :) How thoughtful of the class to lift our family up in prayer and how thoughtful of Pastor Rich to put that faith into loving action with a phone call. It was precious!

Finally, I have a request for a need we have. We will be going to class every week on Thursday nights for the next nine weeks. We are in need of childcare for our boys. If any of you would be willing and able to help us out with that on any level we would so very much appreciate it. It would be from 4:30-9:45. Starting tomorrow night. Please call us or e mail if you are able to help out.

P.S. We are still open to parental placements so please don't hesitate to let us know of any situations.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Excited and Tiptoeing Towards Hope. (mmkm)

Dear Ones:


Today I want to share with you something I am very excited about. I am so excited I almost can hardly even stand it! Do you remember my post about DREAMS?
Feel free to go and check it out the rest of the post will wait :)

Well, I want to be a great photographer. I know I will never be professional, but I want to look at what I've done and be like:
  • "that is a cool shot" 
  • "way to capture the moment" 
  • "I can feel something when I look at this" (Hopefully others will too.)
I love to look at good photography and always think to myself I want to be able to do that. My favorite shots are those shots that are not posed. You know life as it is happening. Genuine raw emotion. I have looked into online photography courses, & community college classes. This all requires finances and I just resolved to myself that it would go on the back burner for the future. I even asked photographers I admire if they would mentor me. No one really wanted to bite that apple. So I tucked the dream away in my heart. One day...

Well, today I am excited because I am moving closer to that dream. The other night I was chatting online with a friend and admiring "his work." I mentioned I wanted to learn and grow in photography. He then simply said "I can teach you, I like to teach." This was just such an unexpected blessing from the Lord. Not even a spoken prayer request. Just a dream tucked away in my heart.

I am all ready working on my first assignment. I have even learned some new things and skills about my camera. I am having so much fun!!! Noah, my sweet little artist, is even getting in on the action, and we are learning together. It has been so nice to have an enjoyable focus in my life. Thank you Jesus for caring about something insignificant that is significant to me.


Ok, here is some news about the adoption. A dear friend of mine who is in nursing school brought something to my attention last week. She met a woman who has adopted 3 children from the foster to adopt program. When she heard about this she said tell me everything; How did this happen? How much did it cost? etc. etc.

This is where it peaked my interest. If you adopt this way there are NO FEES. When she told me this my mouth dropped open. I may have even told her to "shut up" in disbelief. So I called The city Dept. of Social Services and got more information. Eric and I will be going to an orientation meeting on Wednesday to see if this is a fit for our family.  Free certainly is. This would allow us to use our savings to pay off some of this Guatemala debt. Some concerns are Legal Risk. It is very possible to bring a child into your home, love them and have to give them back. You also will more than likely have to have visitation with birth families until rights are terminated.
Since we began to ponder and pray about this avenue, the Lord has brought 3 women into contact with me and they have been very helpful, honest and encouraging about this process.
When we talked to the boys to get their thoughts Elijah said "We should go for it!" "Even if the first one isn't for us then the next one might be and at least we got to love on someone even if for just a little bit." Isn't that such an amazing response? I have such great boys!

If this turns out to be our path I am calling my friend our own personal labor and delivery nurse.

So please be praying for us and we continue to wait and try to discern the Lord's direction to Mercy. We will keep you posted :)

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