Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi/ Lo Thursday contest

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I know I a supposed to write a separate high and low for my week but mine are kinda of one in the same. This week I have been REALLY struggling with how I react to suffering. I snarl my lip when I type the word suffering. What has been hard for me in no way really compares to others sufferings. It has been a low to see sin in myself and battle my circumstances and it has at times been a high to dig into the word and seek freedom in my God. I am honestly on a roller coaster between the two.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update Day

Dear ones:

Today is homestudy update day. We appreciate your prayers as we move forward. Please pray for God's guidance and provision. I daily come across domestic opportunities. All situations are in the 16k-30k range. This we just don't have. We refuse to borrow another cent. It at times makes me want to rip my hair out because I wish we would not have lost all the money we did with Guatemala. I often feel adoption paralyzed. 

We are looking into Foster care adoption also, which is risky and I honestly don't know if I have it in me to go down that emotional roller coaster. With the cost of domestic placement
through agencies though it may be our only option. I know God can do above and beyond what we can even ask or think. So we continue to wait and see what He will do. The temptation is to be like Sarah and Abraham and "make something happen" but I truly want this to be a life story to reflect God's glory.

Lord Jesus your will be done.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Dear Ones:

Todays MMKM event features Mary Kay liquid foundation in medium or full coverage.
Provides stay-true, stay put color and immediate hydration for up to six hours.
Order your shade and coverage today (2-9-09) from MY PERSONAL WEBSITE before midnight and receive 10% off your purchase.

On a personal note please pray for my Noah who is home not feeling well today.

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