Friday, January 23, 2009

How it went...

Dear Ones:

Today meeting with our social worker was mostly informative. We were given our options. I guess laws have changed and technically our homestudy is good until November of this year. That is for a Guatemalan homestudy though which we have terminated that direction.

We can update for domestic or another international situation at any time. For not to huge of a fee. This would mean updating all our financial information for both, and whatever international requirements, if we went that route.

Our domestic options are as follows:

1) HIGH RISK - foster care placement and hopes of adoption

2) AGENCY ADOPTION - with our homestudy agency. This would be 10% of our income and about a 1-2 year wait. You also can not choose the sex of your child.

3) PARENTAL PLACEMENT - This is where a child is placed by the birth parent directly to  an adoptive family and the agency does not take custody of the child. This would be an open adoption and also would not include agency fees so it would basically be attorney fees.

So we feel a bit deflated. None of the options "seem" very promising. If we could choose we would go with Parental Placement. This would be the best for us financially, but we wonder how likely. A birth family would have to find and choose us. So I ask if any of you know of ANY situations please DO NOT HESITATE to present them to us. Please pray for us to hear the Father's voice and to follow His guidance. Also, if this is something we missed God on, that He would take the intense desire away from our hearts.

We are open to any race.

Homestudy Update

Dear Ones:

Please be praying for us today. We meet with our social worker about updating our homestudy today at noon.

Thank you :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mizero - Hope

Dear Ones:

We had a special performance treat at school today. The Mizero Children of Rwanda came. These young orphans are between the ages of 11-18. They entertained us with song, drumming, and dancing.

Their name means hope.
I was so bummed I did not have my good camera. All the shots were blurry (sorry). The last one is my favorite. At the end of the performance the children went to the students and had them join them while the drums were pounding and it was a very moving sight to see. I thought, I am going to cry here in front of everyone. I loved it! That is my Elijah in the orange and white shirt (middle)

Find out more here

Monday, January 19, 2009

When it looks like... /(MMKM)

this outside...

Does your house ever end up looking like this inside?
Because of people who look like this?
We finally had a snow day today. The boys were all ready home because of Martin Luther King Day. I wish it would have waited one more day and we could of had 2 days off :)

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