Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Prize & Love Language

Dear Ones:

Well, my much anticipated Vintage Pearl Prize arrived yesterday. I have to say I am IN LOVE! I love this jewelry so much! So much so that I have started to dabble in making my own, but it doesn't even come close to Erins work. Hopefully in time I will have the resources and skill to be good like this. This necklace is just precious to me. It has my 6 packs nick names on it. The only bummer is Big Sisters nick name has changed since I ordered my prize. It just sort of happened naturally. Rascal fits her personality but just was not sticking. Elijah started to call her Bonbon and we all knew that was it! Perfect fit! Se la vie, I guess. Isn't it gorgeous?

The next Picture has to do with FEELING loved. I think it is one thing to know someone loves you and an entirely different thing feeling it. My first love language is words of encouragement followed very closely by gifts. Don't you just love knowing you are thought of fondly? Some dear friends of mine brought me a baby book with special adoption pages yesterday. I had one for Baby Girl but needed one very badly for Big Sister. It is like a double portion of love because My Heavenly Father knew I desired it. My Friends once again were His hands. Thank you dear ones.

Finally, could I just ask for some more prayer support today? Some days this whole foster process just gets old. The constant invasion and visits. The wonder of how it will all play out. Will they be ours? Will Jesus have to heal our hearts? Please do not misunderstand, I am still trusting my precious Savior. Honestly I have never felt closer or more in love with Him. Even more so I do not think I have ever felt His love more. That my friends, is an incredible blessing. One I do not know I would have attained had we not had the journey we have had. So I am thankful for that. This stinking flesh has to be put down and my mind renewed daily I tell ya. So I probably just need to go and sit at His beautiful feet for a while. Still I just thought I would ask for you to lift me up. Discouragement tries to creep in and I have been battling today.


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  1. Beautiful necklace and the book is an amazing gift from God! The flesh battle is ongoing in my life. Let me know how you work that one out!


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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