Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Challenges Are Hard - One Of Those Days

Dear Ones:

Today is one of those days where you either have to laugh or cry. I am currently somewhere in the middle. Big Sister had to have an echocardiogram today. The doctor heard a murmur and wanted further investigation. We are hoping it will be insignificant.

Here is the scene from the hospital.

Picture one white woman (that would be me) coming into the ER with a twin stroller with two beautiful brown baby girls. Sounds peaceful right? Well, I came in with my hair blown to bits because it was so windy outside, but I was praising Jesus it was not raining because it took me forever to open the stupid stroller. It is an ancient one and lets just say not the most user friendly. The appointment was at 11:00 and who knows why because I did not get in until 11:45. This left plenty of time for an adventure in the waiting room. Baby girl was awake during her nap time and was discontent. Big sister was major disgruntled because she wanted out of her buckle which I was not about to do. Been there done that and not a wise choice. I thought to myself goldfish will help. They help everything right? Big sister then began to chew the goldfish up then spit them over the side of the stroller as if it were tobacco or something. I decided OK we are all done with goldfish then. Well Big sister was so upset about that decision that she proceeded to swing her arm back and then hit me as hard as she could as she let out an Incredible Hulk growl. I could feel the eyes burning in my back but I did not have the courage to look anyone in the eye. Finally they called for us. I am sure everyone was happy to have us leave. Then the real fun began as the ultrasound room looked more like a WWE event. I basically had to pin her down. The Tech tried to give her some gel to use as "lotion" as a distraction which she proceeded to eat as she was writhing around on the bed. The Tech assured me it was water soluble and safe. Let's just say I never want to do that again.

Now that the drama is over we are waiting on the results. Please pray with us that they bring good news. I'll post when I know something.

Big Sister has some challenges. She is behind in her speech. Her vocabulary is minimal which brings lots of whining. Sign language has helped some and I am hoping speech therapy will do wonders. It just makes me incredibly sad for her start in life. Pray we can give her what she needs to be the best herself she can be. I hope you had a good laugh at my expense!



  1. Oh Friend, I've been there! Sorry for your horrible time a the docs, and I'll be praying that all is well with her health.

    I used to worry about our youngest son's speech, and his continual screeching in frustration due to lack of communication, and he also went through speech therapy for a time- who knows why he was delayed? There is certainly plenty of talking that goes on around this house! He still struggles a bit at age 6 1/2, but has improved a ton! I say this only to encourage you, so hang in there and stay strong!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to encourage Bethany. It helps.

  3. You survived today! And that's significant in itself! =) It sounds like you did an incredible job of handling a tough situation! I'll be praying for big sister!!

  4. What is it with double strollers and the doctors office!!! I have been there done that as they say. You just want to run and hide and every person is staring you down in the waiting room. I remember having baby Nico and one year old Naomi and feeling like I had to move mountains just to run an errand. I feel your pain:)

  5. That's why scripture tells us the God's mercies are new EVERY morning. You made it through and praise Jesus you will have a fresh batch on MERCY in the morning!


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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