Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last Night and Today (First Home Visit)

Dear Ones:

Last night was a rough one for us. Canaan who had seemed to improve for most of the day went downhill again last night. He was literally screaming in pain because of his ears. We paged our doctor about 10:30 PM and he told Eric to meet him at the office. He opened the office just for Canaan. After examination this poor kid who started with pneumonia, then the flu now has a double ear infections. So a change in antibiotic. Elijah and Zion were both put on new antibiotics yesterday too because both have bronchitis and the flu on top of it. Please continue to pray for all of them. Somehow Eric, myself and Noah have not caught any of the nasty stuff. Noah has started with a stuffy nose and I hope it doesn't go any further. Pray for me too as Eric will be out of town tonight and I lose my helper.
 Another BIG prayer request for today is at 10 AM we will have our first home visit for the foster to adopt program. This will just be a quick one to see that we have adequate space to bring in a child. With everything that has been going on just pray everything goes well and the room pictured below that has been ready going on 2 years will be filled soon.



  1. Hope everyone is well soon!

    What a beautiful room! I'm sure the visit will go wonderfully.

  2. YIPPPEEE!!!! I am so excited with and for you. I know the Lord has the perfect, sweetest little girl just for you guys. Can't wait to "meet" her.


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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