Friday, January 23, 2009

How it went...

Dear Ones:

Today meeting with our social worker was mostly informative. We were given our options. I guess laws have changed and technically our homestudy is good until November of this year. That is for a Guatemalan homestudy though which we have terminated that direction.

We can update for domestic or another international situation at any time. For not to huge of a fee. This would mean updating all our financial information for both, and whatever international requirements, if we went that route.

Our domestic options are as follows:

1) HIGH RISK - foster care placement and hopes of adoption

2) AGENCY ADOPTION - with our homestudy agency. This would be 10% of our income and about a 1-2 year wait. You also can not choose the sex of your child.

3) PARENTAL PLACEMENT - This is where a child is placed by the birth parent directly to  an adoptive family and the agency does not take custody of the child. This would be an open adoption and also would not include agency fees so it would basically be attorney fees.

So we feel a bit deflated. None of the options "seem" very promising. If we could choose we would go with Parental Placement. This would be the best for us financially, but we wonder how likely. A birth family would have to find and choose us. So I ask if any of you know of ANY situations please DO NOT HESITATE to present them to us. Please pray for us to hear the Father's voice and to follow His guidance. Also, if this is something we missed God on, that He would take the intense desire away from our hearts.

We are open to any race.


  1. Have you considered international adoption form Korea. They have a family size limit but it can be waived. Also you might try Ethiopia I'm not sure about the requirements there. Good luck I hope you find your little girl.

  2. I have a situation that I know of that has weighed heavily on my heart for a while now and I've been sharing it with people I know who want to adopt. My email address is if you would like to have me email you about it.

    Praying for you!

  3. We have gone down path #1 & #2 and I wouldn't recommend #1. We prayed for four years for an adoption and then our little AG came into our lives overnight. There are not even wods I could use to describe how wonderful her agency was. ( Three months later we received a call from our social worker who had a baby boy that needed a foster home. From the beginning they were telling us the odds were very good he wouldn't stay a foster child, but would be ours. Well, that battle lasted almost 2 years. To see what they put him through all so he could stay with the only family he EVER knew! I would hate to know what it is like for children that haven't been in the same foster home their entire life.

    Now I know that there are special people out there that can go this route over and over, but unfortunately we are not, if & when the Lord allows us to adopt again we will either use Family to Family Adoption Inc again or we will try path #3 if it is available to us...but we are not going down the foster road again...may the Lord guide and direct you as you make the choices!


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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