Monday, December 15, 2008

The Boot, thankfulness...dare I say hope

Dear Ones:

First I wanted to give an update on my Elijah. He had his appointment with the orthopedic surgeon last Thursday. The Dr. said he mostly needs rest. His condition (bone marrow edema) is more than likely caused from overuse and he has some growth plates also contributing. He is to wear a special boot for the next two weeks and then can go back to normal shoes. He is to have no activity for 4 weeks and if not better by then will need to see the specialist again. Let me tell you this is not easy for my sport loving competitor. I am so appreciative for all the prayers that have gone up for his healing.
Next, I wanted to share some things I am very thankful for. It is kind of hard to know where to begin or even how much to say. I have always wanted to be authentic with my blog and this adoption journey. Not to long ago though, Eric and I received a very hurtful and discouraging interaction, where all this is concerned and I honestly have been very guarded ever since. So as I risk vulnerability again I really want to express some thanks. First pictured below is another love gift we were given to help us bring our daughter home. I am once again so in awe of how people can be moved to aid and support us. I almost just feel stunned. The words thank -you feel to small to express my hearts emotions. 

Dare I hope....that Mercy WILL come home.

The Lord has blessed our family tremendously with AMAZING friends. With people who have stood by us through tears, dashed hopes, questions, new directions, ups and downs. Honestly there are times I am just sick of it all. Sick of the roller coaster ride. So I can only think those around us must be too, but friends, true wonderful friends stay close in good and bad times. I have even made new friends on this journey through the world of blogging and I am so thankful for their understanding. Oh so thankful. God is good...this I am learning no matter what my circumstances are and no matter what the facts say... that is the truth. Thank you precious , precious brothers and sisters in Christ. You know who you are. I love you

The final picture I wanted to share today shows an early Christmas present I received from one of those TRUE friends. I hope you can read the words. It so makes me think of my friend and all those I have talked about here today. If you can't read it it says " A True Friends warms you with her presence, trusts you with her secrets, remembers you in her prayers."

"A friend loves at all times." Provernbs 17:17

Monday Mary Kay Markdowns

Good Morning Dear Ones:

Today MMKM event features the Mary Kay Compact. It's revolutionary magnetic refill system makes it highly customizable. Plus, with a convenient place to hold MK Creme lipstick or Nourishine lipgloss, this go-anywhere compact makes make-up organization easier than ever.
You can get one (unfilled) for 10% off today if you order from MY Personal Website before midnight tonight (12-15-08)

More personal post to come later in the week once I get some pictures taken.


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