Friday, September 19, 2008

Where, What, When, How???????????

Dear Ones:

As most of you know we heard back from our agency the update on Guatemala. It is a very bleak situation. Even though the news was so difficult to hear there is some kind of weird peace that comes from knowing something. We do know we have a daughter to find. We now have to discern which country to switch to and we are in desperate need of a financial miracle because very little of the 20,000 all ready put into this will transfer. A new country comes with new fees and we literally have nothing left. My vision died yesterday but I am hoping to find God's vision and not lean on my own understanding. Please continue to pray. The journey to Mercy continues...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An e mail from our agency

Hello Families,

Hope everyone is hanging in there!!! I wanted to give you a quick update on Guatemala. This Wednesday, 09/17/08, there is a conference call with the joint council regarding the current situation in Guatemala. We will have an update for all our families following this meeting as soon as we are able. I know that the waiting process has been very difficult on everyone, but we should have an update by the end of this week. We want to make sure that we give accurate and thorough guidance to our families. I'll keep you posted!! Thank You!!

We received this news from our agency a couple days ago. We are praying and looking forward to hearing some news. Thanks for joining us.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monday Mary Kay Markdowns

Dear Ones:

Time for another Monday Mary Kay Markdown. I was very pleased with how the event went last week. I hope everyone who ordered is enjoying their cleansers. Today I am featuring the moisturizers that compliment those cleansers.

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Just like last week, when you purchase before Midnight tonight, one of these featured products from MY PERSONAL  MK WEBSITE, I will discount your purchase of that item by 10%.

Always your satisfaction is a 100% guarantee and shipping is free.

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Please tell a friend and tune in next week for a new featured product!

I would also ask that you view the post directly below this one. My family would so appreciate your prayers. Thank- you.

Prayer Needed

Dear Ones:

Something we have been praying about is if we are to switch countries after reading this news posted on Guatadopt:

Sept 10, 2008

 Go to this link for the rest of the statement:

It states the new adoption will not open this year and when and if they do reopen preference will be given to place children with Guatemalan families.

I must say reading this was a blow to my emotions.

A good friend reminded me to hear from God and not be like Sarah and Abraham and try to make things happen on our own. Another new friend reminded me about God's timing. Being in what feels like limbo is wearing on me, on our family. We feel like unless it is transparent , 100% clear to switch at this time we will stay with Guatemala until the contract expires in February. I am so thankful for the prayer support. I know it is carrying us when we are feeling weak. Please pray for the Lord to encourage our hearts as we continue to wait for our daughter.

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