Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Noah's Journal "Courage"

Dear Ones:

I have something that I simply must share. Today I looked through some of Noah's completed assignments from school. Below is something precious I found. Of coarse it moved me to tears. It was a journal topic he wrote on courage. Enjoy:


Someone that is courageous is my Mom and Dad. My Mom and Dad are courageous because they are staying strong with the adoption. The adoption is on hold right now and they are staying strong and trusting God. I also think they are courageous because they keep up with a family of 6 and some day 7. They are also encouraging, loving, helpful and much more.

Oh how I needed to read this from my precious boy today. Thank you Jesus and please keep us strong. I have not felt strong lately , but I am glad he see us this way.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My First Monday Mary Kay Markdown Event!

Welcome to my first Monday Mary Kay Markdown Event !!!!!

Today I am featuring cleansers from TimeWise skin care products.
TimeWise cleansing products combine anti-aging with three essential functions in one product:
  1. cleanse
  2. exfoliate
  3. freshen
This will reveal younger looking skin.
TimeWise comes in custom formulas:
  • normal to dry skin
Normal - smooth skin, balance of oil and moisture, infrequent blemishes
dry - small pores and dull finish, ittle or no oil or shine
  • combination to oily skin
combination - smooth skin, oiliness in T-zone and dryness on outer edges of face
oily - large pores and shiny finish

The picture above features both formulas and the TimeWise 3-in-1 cleansing bar. The bar is suitable for all skin types and includes a soap dish. The cleansers are part of the basic and miracle TimeWise sets.

We cannot forget the men in our lives. Pictured above is the Men's face bar. It will cleanse and buff his skin and begin the process to reduce visible signs of aging.

OK here is the cool part. If you purchase 1 of these products from MY PERSONAL MK WEBSITE today (9-8-08) before midnight, I will discount your purchase, of that product, by 10%. You always have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping and delivery (when possible).

Looking forward to serving you!

Start shopping now by clicking here ~~~~~~> MY PERSONAL MK WEBSITE
Go to skin care then cleansers or Men then skin care.

Stay tuned for next weeks products that are designed to go with these...

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