Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're off

Dear Ones:

Tuesday we will be headed off to sunny Florida. A two-fold trip. Eric is on the school board and was able to find a van through his Dad, that is a need for the school. Well, we will leave on Tuesday and return on Friday with the new school van. I am looking forward to it. One last little get away to spend with my boys before school starts on the 25th. 
Please pray for our safety and for our fellowship. I love to make good memories together. Also if you would pray for the broken heart I will have come the first day of school. It is ALWAYS a difficult day for me but this year my life completely changes. My baby boy will leave me and I have seriously been stuffing down my feelings about it all summer. As I type I feel my emotions cracking... how I am going to miss my days of full time Mom duty. I am hurting so much right now too with all the ?????? concerning Mercy. I need breadcrumbs. Little pieces of encouragement along the way that we are still on the right path. That the silence doesn't mean we are forgotten. That one day a beautiful little girl will be in my arms. Well now I have completely lost it and I am in a full blown cry. Thank you for continuing to  pray...

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Fish Bowl

Dear Ones:

This is a crazy week. I have a lot of MK appointments which is a good thing, and Eric is working a lot of over time. We are doing all we can do to bring in the $$ for our adoption debt. Even though I have nothing new to report I keep hoping and preparing for the day that I do. Emotionally there are good days and then the other kind. And sometimes it is minute by minute. Today was one of those minute by minute days but my sweet, precious Noah brought me encouragement. He said Mom " I think when we bring Mercy home then we will know why everything happened the way it did." How precious is that boys sweet faith? I couldn't even talk I just welled up and hugged him.

The picture above is my MK fish bowl creation. I will put this in a local shop and reward those interested with complimentary facials. This I am hoping is a way to get outside my circle and expand my customer base. I have really been so encouraged by my new endeavor. My self esteem was sinking with other things I tried. I felt like I wasn't good  at anything that was really going to help us in the financial department. This has been fun and profitable. PRAISE GOD! If any of you reading this are interested in finding out about the opportunity this would be the month to join. MK is offering a $100 rebate check to all new consultants once a minimum inventory order is placed. Translation your starter kit would be free. Just let me know if you would like more information. Offer expires August 31st.

Well, I guess that is it for now. I am so happy I have found the time to post again. Eric is at a school board meeting so he wasn't needing my attention :)

Just please keep praying for us. Sometimes we are very weary with the wait and esp. a wait without any information or answers. Somehow I think Noah is right :)
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