Wednesday, August 6, 2008

George, Surprise, Celebration!

Dear Ones:

I apologize that my post have been few and far between. I have just been making life adjustments and trying to find a good groove again. Then before I know it school will be back in and I will have to adjust all over again. I have spent most of the summer stuffing all the emotions associated with that time down... WARNING... emotional explosion coming.
Well, let me share some recent happy memories. First on Friday we started the day with a visit to the local Barnes and Noble. Curious George was there! Thanks for the info Stephanie! For those of you who do not know our family we LOVE CURIOUS GEORGE! Canaan has been a HUGE fan since his first birthday. Since then George has invaded our home. Dear friends of ours even surprised us with a CG wall mural in Canaan's room while we were on vacation one year. More on them later in this post. The first two pics are of the fun that was had in meeting George. Big brother Zion even got in on the excitement.

Now for some more fun. Remember the dear friends I mentioned earlier? Well, right after George we went out to lunch where I was clueless about a surprise meeting. Our friends who moved away last year had come in to town for my birthday to spend the weekend with us. I was totally surprised! I love moments like that. When you know you are so loved and people have been thinking about you. Nice thoughts I might add. Well the picture below is of me and my friend Crystal. She, Doug, and Moses came with a cake and thoughtful gifts (she is the master gift giver) I love you Crystal, thanks for loving me!
Now for some more love: My birthday was Tuesday and here Eric and I are celebrating with dear friends who are extremely near and dear to my heart. We tried a new restaurant which had a beautiful view of the river but the food left a little to be desired. Still the company was THE BEST! I love each person who came so very, very much! Thank you dear friends! I missed Fritz and Andrea and Stephanie and Chris so much! Hopefully next year.
This next picture is of the cutest person in attendance that evening. Her name is Meira and no other baby I know makes my heart ache more for my little Mercy... you can see why.
The beautiful view of the river.

Well I guess that is about it for now. Please leave me some comments I have missed everyone!

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