Sunday, June 29, 2008

Think Pink!

Dear Ones:

I have some news to share. I have been totally transparent about what financial situation this adoption has put us in. I am involved in many things to help bring the funds in. The list (links) is as follows:

SendOutCards (awesome by the way)

I personally enjoy the above but none has brought in the income we need. To the point of feeling so discouraged. We even are considering selling our house, but so far the numbers are not what we would need them to be with the current market.

Well, a friend of mine introduced me to Mary Kay. Initially I thought are you crazy? I am not looking for anything else, but for some reason I could not put it out of my mind. The more I listened, the more intrigued I became. Two things were my big hang ups:

1) How embarrassing to announce I am trying something else.
2) I don't want to put money into something that will hurt us, meaning more debt.

Well I just decided to ignore number one and true friends I have told have been SOOOO encouraging. My own darling husband told me " Michelle do you know how many successful people tried a lot of things before they found what worked for them." I am a words of encouragement gal and those words alone were such a blessing!

The second thing is null and void, because if for some reason you decide to leave MK you can get out with a 90 % buy back so no repercussions.

So, astonishing to even me, I am going for it, and I am excited. I already have 5 customers.

So pray for me. If you need a consultant then I would love for you to support me. I am not looking to take business away from anyone else so if you have a consultant continue to bless her.

Check out my MK website
Let me know if I can be of service to you!
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