Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Miss Someone I have not Even Met...

Hello Dear Ones:
I had another dream about My little girl last night. I dreamt that she was brought to me and as soon as I saw her I burst in to tears. It was just like when I gave birth, as soon as I saw my boys I exploded with emotion. I woke up a bit disgruntled. I thought Lord it has been almost a year and we are not even closer to her. 
Some things that brought me comfort:
  • Well a good 2 hour cry helped, coupled with my husbands sympathetic ear.
  • Visiting my friend Chris blog, he posted some family pics he took of us and included Mercy in his post...for some reason this just melted my heart and every time I thought about it I could not stop crying. I am sure that makes me sound like a freak but it blessed me more than I am sure he realized.
  • Visiting another blog with a happy post about their adoption journey. I thought one day I WILL make a post like that...and I can not wait!!!
You know, as we were packing up our huge van for our vacation last week I could not believe all the stuff we crammed in there and I said to Eric "it will be so much more when Mercy is here." Babies have so much stuff, just about as much as the whole family combined for the smallest member. Canaan heard me and said "Mom I wish Mercy was here I really miss her." I just smiled. I know exactly how he feels. I miss someone I have not even met yet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who doesn't love little brown eyes?

Well, it has been a while since I have done a new t-shirt design. I had some creative juices flowing today and here are the results. I think it is more fun to look at the design on the actual products. You can do that by clicking here---> My Sweet Spot
I hope you enjoy it!
I am looking forward to when I can gaze at a little set of brown ojos of my own :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

We are back....for now

Hello again Dear Ones:
We have returned. I have lots of pics to share from our trip. Below are some of the fun activities we did. First my kids love to bounce. I think Canaan is part Tigger. I was able to get Elijah and Noah to stop and pose momentarily.

Next was one of my favorite things we did. We did summer tubing instead of snow tubing. It was a blast!
We also did go carts and mini golf.
We also made a trip into D.C.
Coming out of the metro.

You should know if there is a Cheesecake Factory around we will be there. Elijah was hungry after a full day of walking and looking at the sites.
Silly Zion.
We all enjoyed the water park and left looking like raisins :)

We had a fun day with friends who should move back. Hint Hint Jesus.
Moses has a special bond with Zion.
Canaan and Noah ran through the sprinkler.
When we got home and started unloading we could not find my Woo Doo, so after a brief search we found him conked out on his bed. It was good to be home.
We will be here this week but will hit the road again next Monday. Eric has a business trip that we get to come along for. So we will be gone for another 4 days. I also know where we are going has a Cheesecake Factory woo hoo!

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