Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Full weekend! Must read to the end!

Good Morning Dear ones: I have lots to share today.
First I will start with how my Mother's day began. All my guys, Dad included came to my bed like this. Arms full of adorable, precious, homemade cards the only thing better than SendOutCards
Then I was given a breakfast treat, my hubby ran out early Sunday morning to bring me back some of my favorite doughnuts. Toasted coconut cake doughnuts, from a local mom and pop place. Yum! Yum! They are the only doughnuts to even come close to hot-n-now Krispy Kreme glazed ones. Thank you to the wonderful boys in my life who make me feel loved and special!

We started the weekend celebrating cousin Evan's graduation. I just can not hardly believe five years have passed and he will soon leave the area. Evan is an absolutely delightful human being. He is funny, handsome, thoughtful and a pure joy to be around. I attribute all of this because Evan loves Jesus and the love of Christ just spills out of him. I hope my boys will grow up to be the same way. His parents must be so proud. Congratulations Evan we will sincerely miss you!

Next, I wanted to share some adorable moments. Our family spent some of Saturday spreading mulch in the front yard. Canaan was a precious little helper. He was so proud to fill up his wagon with a mulch load and take it to be dumped so it could be spread. My heart burst with smiles as I saw him "working" so hard :)
Then I have a small answer to prayer. Don't you just love it when God cares about things that do not really matter, except they do to you? Well, a small blue bird has been randomly seen at our feeders but I could never catch him on film. I prayed for him to come back so I could get a good shot. Below is my answer. Anyone know what kind he is? Stephanie should :)

Next, I just wanted to thank God for some refreshment. Honestly, yesterday was one of my not so good days as we continue to wait. I must admit we have the most wonderful friends, but with the busyness of life and other circumstances we have felt a little isolated lately. Well, last week
Fritz and Andrea called out of the blue to invite us for a date for 8. We all went to the movies together and it was so nice to connect with them again. Thanks guys! Also, last night my brother from another mother with the same perfect Father, Chris and his precious wife Suzie called. I really think it must have been the Holy Spirit that led them to pick up the phone and call. The four of us just shared authentically about our lives, for over an hour. We laughed, I of course cried, and when we hung up it was like I had been to an oasis. Thank you precious friends for loving us. You are such gifts from God!

Finally, I saved some of the best for last. Below is my precious Zion doing a "commercial" for one of Elijah's school video projects. It was Elijah's and Noah's idea. It makes me literally laugh out loud! Remember to pause the playlist at the bottom of the blog before you click play so you can hear it. Leave me some comments I love hearing from you. Enjoy!

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