Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hello Dear Ones:

Just in case anyone checks the time a post is posted, yes it is 1:10 AM. I obviously cannot sleep tonight. For a few reasons. One-I have tons of t-shirt ideas running through my brain. Two-remembering the VA Tech Tragedy one year ago today. Isn't it so hard to wrap your head around such terrible things? I remember Coach speaking at church right after everything happened. Coach if you are reading this please forgive gaps in my memory. I just remember him talking about a list of tragedy's like Katrina, the war in Iraq, The Tsunami, and how they reek havoc and destruction. He then went on to say how it was nothing compared to the havoc and destruction Jesus Christ would reek on pain and suffering and death. I hope I am conveying this right because it was not in any way disrespectful to anyones pain but encouraging rather to the victory we have in Christ. He has conquered death and the grave.

"...Death is destroyed forever in victory." "Death where is your victory? Death where is your pain?
I Cor. 15:54b & 55

"He will destroy death forever. The Lord God will wipe away every tear from every face."
Isaiah 25:8

So I am praying for the victim's families today. For the Lord to wipe away their tears. 

I like Job can "speak of things I do not understand and talk of things too wonderful for me to know." So I hope this all makes sense.

Chris my "brother from another mother with the same perfect father" I am still waiting on that sermon. It seems fitting for today.

Well, I guess that is it for today. Crystal I did get your tag which I will get to, it just didn't seem fitting for today. I hope my mind can rest now. The alarm will go off before I am ready for it too.

Hug your loved ones and tell them what they mean to you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New designs:

Hello everyone: Not to much to share today. It is family business as usual. Tonight we have 2 soccer games to attend. I am hoping to get some good shots of Elijah and Noah.
I posted my most recent t-shirt designs above. My favorite is the last one... I think I will see it in my wardrobe at some point. I just love it! See what it looks like on products @ My Sweet Spot
As far as Guatemala is concerned meetings are happening until tomorrow some time, so unfortunately I have no news to report and I'm not sure when I will. So on with the living during the waiting...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fasting and Praying

Hello everyone:
Today Eric and I have been fasting and praying for Guatemala adoptions. For details see previous post entitled A real Guatemala update. I wanted to share this scripture:

"I am the Lord, the God of every person on earth. Nothing is impossible for me."
Jeremiah 32:27

That is what we are praying for today the impossible.

I can not tell you how my heart grows for adoption. My heart swells at the sight of orphans. Sometimes I wonder if there is more than one adoption in our future. Time will tell if that is my emotional heart or God's plan. I guess we will just get through this one for now :)
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