Saturday, April 12, 2008

New T-shirt design (Guatemala)

Hi everyone:
I wanted to do a Guatemala t-shirt design. This is what I came up with. It represents the Guatemalan flag colors. To see what it looks like on a variety of shirts check out My Sweet Spot

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A real Guatemala update!

Hello Dear Ones:

A fellow Guatemala  waiter sent me this info: Posted on the Guadadopt site.

Two recent developments seem positive. First, there's going to be a meeting in Washinton DC April 14th with Guatemalan and US officials regarding the future of new Guatemalan adoptions. Second, officials from the Hague are in Guatemala now surveying the orphanages and the central authority. They will make recommendations to the central authority on how to proceed. They did comment that things in Guatemala look better then they did this summer in regards to the adoption process.

So we have specifics to pray about!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Special Thanks

Hello everyone:

Today I wanted to offer some thanks. Yesterday was "Grandparents/ Special Person Day" at my boys school. Well all of their grandparents live a distance away. This gave the opportunity to find wonderful subs. I am so blessed that people who are not related to us are willing to invest in us. First there is Chris... this guy is "my brother" I love him so very much and he gave of himself yesterday to invest in Elijah. Then there is Fritz, who for sometime now has been a special person in our family's life. He is the worship pastor at our church and on more than one birthday occasion he has given of himself and his gifts to make special days in our house extra special! He gave of himself for Noah yesterday. Then there is Evan ( who actually is related, Eric's cousin) Evan is the kind of guy you want your kids to grow up and be like. He loves Jesus and people and I am thankful that he loved on our Zion yesterday. 

Thanks again fellas, my boys will always remember how you gave of yourselves for them!

One of my favorite saying is "friends are the family you choose." Let me tell you I have made some good choices! I love you all!

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Sweet Spot

Hello Dear Ones:

This morning I have a major announcement!!
In the process of discovery I have started to design T-shirts. It started from adoption inspiration.
Please check out my designs in my new online shop. Also be sure to sign up for shop updates so you can be notified when new designs and sections are added.
I hope you enjoy it and would appreciate word of mouth advertising and as always your prayers! 

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