Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Mary Kay Markdowns/Timber

Good Morning Dear Ones:
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Now I have been wanting to post about our Christmas tree adventure this year but with Eric out of town last week I just never found the time.
The above shot shows the tiny pick up truck we borrowed to go get our tree. Eric looked like he was driving a toy. The tree took up the whole back end.
The boys could not wait to dig out all the decorations. We get them each a new ornament each year to represent their year and it is always fun talking about the memories behind them as they go up.
Once we had the tree all decorated and watered we could not get the star straight well in our attempts to get it just right the whole thing came down on top of Eric and it completely soaked him. It was a small miracle that only 2 ornaments were broken. We are hoping that the timber situation will be a once in a lifetime one. It will be a late entry for our laugh box on New Years.
The tree is back up again and tied to a screw in the wall. It looks beautiful.


  1. Oh MY! What a fun memory! Beautiful tree, though!

  2. HAHAHAA the thought of Rico under a tree still cracks me up.

  3. haha-our tree fell over last year-we still laugh about it, although we didn't when it happened b/c it had been "one of those days"!! I'm so glad God turns those days into reasons to laugh later on :)!

  4. HAHAHA! That happened to me too one year, I was wrapping gifts, and ~THUD~ the whole thing came down on top of me!!! So funny!

  5. That made me think of the year we had gotten our cat and it made it's way up the trunk and knocked the whole thing over. I cried like a baby, which was completely ridiculous.

  6. hahaha!
    The tree is BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen such pretty colors of lights. Where'd you buy them?

  7. That's great! In 3 years, last year was the first year that our tree stayed vertical for the whole season.:) Fun!


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