Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prayer/Praise Board

Dear ones:

What you see here is the start of my prayer board. Adoption is an incredibly hard faith journey. How we need the love and support of those around us. This board shows me the faces I have connected with on this journey and reminds me to pray. One day there will be new pictures with new faces and I will PRAISE!

Still waiting to hear from Juli, Dawn, Stephanie, Jody and Robin. I am hoping you are all willing to participate. Just e mail me a family pic with all your names and a pic of who you are waiting for if you have it.


  1. I'm sorry I haven't gotten this to you Michelle. I think it is a WONDERFUL thing and I may do this myself. Thank you for your friendship. Love ya!!!

  2. Thank you so much Michelle! This is such a thoughtful thing to do. Maybe when you get it competed, you can send us all the links to the family's blogs on your poster or your list of family names and we can get a giant prayer circle going.

  3. I recognize so many of those faces from your blog roll. So much heartache tied up in so many different stories. I imagine your board is a small-scale version of a really big one that God keeps in heaven - all those faces and families waiting to be together, and he is at work in every situation. I think your prayer board is a wonderful representation of the heart of God!

  4. I need to send our stuff to you-I will do it, we just switched all our pics and stuff to a new computer so I will get it together one of these days!! This is a great way to pray for folks-I love it! Oh, and I tagged you for something fun!!

  5. Nice.... great idea... is your board only for adoption related stuff?


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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