Sunday, September 14, 2008

Prayer Needed

Dear Ones:

Something we have been praying about is if we are to switch countries after reading this news posted on Guatadopt:

Sept 10, 2008

 Go to this link for the rest of the statement:

It states the new adoption will not open this year and when and if they do reopen preference will be given to place children with Guatemalan families.

I must say reading this was a blow to my emotions.

A good friend reminded me to hear from God and not be like Sarah and Abraham and try to make things happen on our own. Another new friend reminded me about God's timing. Being in what feels like limbo is wearing on me, on our family. We feel like unless it is transparent , 100% clear to switch at this time we will stay with Guatemala until the contract expires in February. I am so thankful for the prayer support. I know it is carrying us when we are feeling weak. Please pray for the Lord to encourage our hearts as we continue to wait for our daughter.


  1. wow... that's some sad news to hear. we're continually praying for you guys. i pray that God will make it clear to y'all what exactly you're supposed to do.

  2. Lifting your family up today! Our God is the God of miracles and I believe He has one planned just for you.

  3. You know I am praying. ANd you know that God knows your daughter and loves her, and YOU, more than you could ever imagine. He'll get her home to you. He will.

  4. WOW! I know how difficult the WAIT is. I will seek the Lord and pray that He speaks very clearly to your heart. Do you feel the Lord led you SPECIFICALLY to Guatemala? Or to SPECIFICALLY "adopt"? There are SO MANY LITTLE ones hungering for parents...and IMAGINE! having parents and a band of brothers LIKE YOU GUYS!! I'll be praying! Keep us posted on His word to you, ok?


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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