Friday, September 5, 2008

Coming this Monday...

Hello Dear Ones:

Introducing Monday Mary Kay Markdowns

As you all know, I started selling Mary Kay as a way to help bring in funds for our adoption. So this is why I include MK updates on my blog. I have decided to offer a special discount to my customers. Each Monday I will feature a MK product. Whoever orders that product before midnight on that day, from my MK personal website will receive 10% off of that featured product. As always I will offer free shipping. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. This means if you want to give something a try and for any reason are not satisfied just simply return the product to me for an exchange or a full refund. This in no way hurts me because MK will simply replace the returned product for me.

If there is any product you would like to see featured please let me know. Feel free to share this info. with anyone who needs a MK consultant.

Stay tuned...

click here~~~~~> My MK website


  1. How cool! I didn't know you could buy MK online from a specific consultant!!!

    The blog design is from and it was FREE!! I like this site much better than P***m because there is no "ugly" stuff if you know what I mean!

  2. Michelle ~

    I'd love to "talk" with you more. If you'd like, please e-mail me at salzwedelfamily at verizon dot net. I'm praying for you...



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Joshua 24:15

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